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Her with the Pumpkin Rabbit

Witch Sha is one of the characters that appears in the non-canon video, The Mysterious House. She represents Sha.


Witch Sha lives with the Pumpkin Rabbit, Billy and T.V.A in an old decrepit house in the neighbourhood of Duckie and Tammy. their house is decorated with pictures of all the children that had gone missing over the years. the walls of the house, both inside and out, are decorated with funky "floralish" patterns, making the house have a warm, but also creepy 80's vibe.

Along with all the pictures and clocks, it is decorated like any other house. sporting floral decorated chairs, a red couch, a Jack-o-lantern, a hat/coat stand and along with all that many more pictures or random things.

Appearance / differences from normal Sha

Witch Sha is a replica of normal Sha, the only things that are really changed are her colour palette, plus a few more "Halloweeny" accessories. Her fur is a dark grey,  with a lighter grey stomach. Horns stick through her hair/fur atop her head, just under her ears. Her arms/hands, neck and joints are all coloured chocolate brown. Just like the original sha, she had a massive hole going down her chest, coloured pitch black. She sports a red, spiked dog collar, unlike the original Sha’s named collar. A purple witch hat is placed on her head, probably just for Halloween and to seem more friendly to the children she helps kidnap. Her tongue is coloured electric blue. Throughout the episode, her eyes glow a bright yellow.

Sha -).jpg


Witch sha has a kind personality, but with the electronic voice it sounds slightly blank. She seems to be kind enough to let the kids stay over the night, but that may just be a ploy to get them to stay. She had probably acted the same way with the other trick-or-treaters that they had killed.