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The Showstoppers.

The Showstoppers is a band that consists of four animatronic members: Bon the rabbit, Sha the sheep Boozoo and Banny the other rabbit. They performed at the Bon's Burgers restaurant.



Bon is the main performer. Unclear possessor, if there is one.


Sha is a performer and possibly Bon's love interest. Presumably possessed by Rosemary.


Boozoo is a performer and the only human-esque character in the band. Presumably possessed by Charles.


Banny is a performer. She is presumably possessed by Susan Woodings.


  • The only member who's possessor is yet to be confirmed is Bon. While it is possible that he is possessed by Jack Walten, there is little to no evidence to prove that.
  • While there are only four primary members there are also other members, like Billy the clown and Rocket the rabbit. Their relation to the Showstoppers is unclear, except that Rocket was made as a gift for Jack Walten‘s son and daughter.