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Sha is an anthropomorphic sheep animatronic and is one of the four Showstoppers of Bon's Burgers.


Sha is one of the main animatronics in "The Walten Files." She appears in every video to date (including the non-canon ones, though shown in an alternate form). She is a member of the Showstoppers and seems to be one of the most important characters, second only to Bon.

She was originally supposed to serve as an entertainment animatronic for the new restaurant franchise Bon's Burgers, and was operational from Bon's Burgers' official opening on June 28th to July 20th, after which a woman's screams were heard from inside and the building was condemned.

After the disappearance of Jack Walten, his wife, Rosemary Walten, often visited the restaurant to look for him. On July 19th, Bon, possibly haunted by the spirit of Jack, lured Rosemary to the back of the restaurant. He then dismembered her and stuffed her remains inside Sha. This, along with all the other suspicious disappearances caused by Bon, led to the restaurant's closing and all the animatronics, including Sha, being partially dismantled and put into storage.

In the "Company Introductory Tape", Sha is present in small cameos like in Little Bon's Neighborhood and the stage performance shown at the beginning of the video.

In the "Relocate Project" video, Sha is present in the technical support section, as a little cartoon version of her is used to introduce new employees on how to manage the project. During this section, she glitches out multiple times and the video subsequently cuts to a sort of "flashback."

In "BunnyFarm," Sha is present as a character sprite: her minigame consists of a hide and seek game, in which the player, (Sophie), has to play hide-and-seek with her.


In her intact animatronic form, Sha is white with a cream belly, face and ears, as well as silver arm and leg covers. She seems to have brown eyes which occasionally look red. She also has a collar with a golden tag, which has her name engraved on it. Her design is reminiscent of a sheep, sporting fluffy white hair, and long drooped ears. Curiously, she also has pointed teeth, and the snout of a predator.

In her damaged animatronic form, Sha looks very dirty, resulting in a dull, grey appearance. She has multiple holes throughout her body and face, including a large gash through her chest. The silver covers on her arms and legs are gone, letting her animatronic endoskeleton show.

Her cartoon form in "Company Introductory Tape" and "Relocate Project" is almost completely identical to her animatronic appearance, but is more simple and cute.

In "BunnyFarm," Sha is fluffier and has black fingers and hooves. Her outfit consists of a red and white striped dress and a blue and gold collar, with a red flower in her hair.


While Sha's personality isn't explored in-depth in the series, it can be deduced by her behavior in the BunnyFarm cutscenes that she is a sweet and motherly character. She is the most mature and grounded member of the Showstoppers, fitting of her appearance of a sheep, which are usually gentle and mild-mannered creatures. Sha's personality was revealed on Martin Walls' twitter, showing that she is kind, and treats most of those around her nicely.

In "The Mysterious House," Sha appears as the Witch Sheep. She is married to the Pumpkin Rabbit, who represents Bon. They have 3 kids together, one of them being Billy. The Witch Sheep heavily resembles Sha but has grey fur, wears a spiked dog collar, a purple witch hat, a pair of horns on her cheek fluff, and has a massive hole in her chest similar to the damaged version of Sha.

She appears to be very kind, as she gives Tammy and Duckie candy and lets them stay at her house for the night. However, she is very manipulative and lures kids to stay in the house so the Pumpkin Rabbit can murder them. When Tammy is looking around for Duckie, the Witch Sheep can be seen stalking her, as she closes the door to stop Tammy from being able to escape the room.

Boozoo’s Ghosts

In "Boozoo’s Ghosts," Sha appears as the second ghost Boozoo is visited by, The Jolly Ghost of Present Times. Her outdated appearance is very similar to Sha from the canon tapes except she now has yellow fur and red arms and legs with sharp claws. She wears a blue bow tie with green dots, a blue jester hat, and Christmas lights strung all over her body. She was recently redesigned by Martin Walls.

She seems rather happy, and she has toys which she uses to show Boozoo the suffering of Banny and her family. The Jolly Ghost can also be very rude, as she tells him she represents the living representation of his own grief, except nowhere near as ugly. When Boozoo refuses to cooperate, she becomes very cruel, similar to how the Sad Ghost reacted when he wouldn’t stop lying. She kills two dolls which represent Banny’s kids, telling Boozoo he’s to blame thanks to his selfishness and greed. He begs the Jolly Ghost to stop, however, she continues to tell him it’s his fault for the children's demise. After she torments Boozoo, he gets transported to the dark hallway to see Mortality.


  • Sha is often confused with being a poodle because of her canine-like teeth
  • Sha has a slight southern accent that can be heard if listened to closely.
  • Sha's fictional age, asides from Rosemary, was revealed to be 26.
  • Sha also has an ability to directly talk to Sophie through the BunnyFarm arcade game seen in the Walten Files 3.
  • Sha's hide-and-seek game in "BunnyFarm" represents Bon shoving Rosemary's remains inside Sha.
  • Sha is confirmed to be possessed by the ghost of Rosemary Walten.
  • In the "Relocate Project" video, the poster of her changes to show her emotions. When she is saying her reversed line, the pupils of her poster self shrink, and the poster looks visibly distressed. When she is crying, the poster changes to Rosemary Walten's portrait.
  • Sha is Jenny's favorite character.
  • Sha would like 1970s rock.[1]