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“You finally start to remember that old doll. They’ll be back for you soon, Sophie.”

Rocket's backwards message from the company introductory tape. The word doll is sometimes mistaken as "Day".


Rocket is an animatronic rabbit doll created by Jack Walten and Felix Kranken for Edd and Molly, who are currently possessing him.



Rocket is a short animatronic doll reminiscent of a rabbit. He is completely gray except for his belly, fingers, snout and the inside of his ears, which are white. He also has blue eyelids, and black eyes. The only items of clothing he wears are a blue bowtie and a single black button located in his chest.


His right arm is now exposed, along with damage dealt to his left ear, exposing wires. His bottom teeth are now ripped out, and his right leg exposed with his left leg having cracks in it.