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Relocate Project is the second episode of The Walten Files. It is a compilation of four tapes concerning the relocation of Bon's Burgers.

Video Description

"Tape 2:
This is another Compilation of Tapes from Bunny Smiles Incorporated, I was able of Contacting people Via forums and Threads that have some Infomation of The Company. These tapes revolve around some 'Relocation Project' that was being executed during the late 1970s (1978), A B.S.I. Ex-employee mentioned that these tapes were really Private and only a few people had a copy of them, once the company vanished during the Early 80s (1983) all tapes regarding the Project were Banned and Destroyed, These are Super rare and I'm really lucky to have them.
As to me, i'm doing fine, just staying home hoping covid doesnt fuck me over, take care!
―Description of video


Tape #1 - 07/02/1978

The first tape explains the plans for the relocation of Bon's Burgers, after the previous restaurant closed on July 20, 1974. It begins with Bon waving at the camera, with the words "BUNNY SMILES INC." next to him and the words "A CYBERFUN TECH COMPANY 197█" below him. A few seconds later, the first half of the YouTube link to the hidden Lucky You video appears for a split second in the top right corner.


The narrator states that relocation was a back-up plan by Felix Kranken and took four years of legal paperwork to complete. These statements are accompanied with drawings of Bon reading papers and looking through files. The narrator then explains that the animatronics and props were stored in a facility in Saint Juana's forest. This is shown by an 8-bit animation of a worker transporting Billy into a storage truck, but the truck's driver is revealed to be Jack Walten as the scene darkens.


The narrator says that books, merchandise, animated movies, and a tv show were made of the characters, and examples are shown on screen. Notably, a VHS box labelled "The disappearance of Jack Walten" is hidden among them. Felix had the idea to restore the animatronics from the facility to reopen a new restaurant in 1982. The narrator congratulates Felix for his ideas as a cartoon version of him appears, but the narrator cuts off mid-sentence to an image of Jack as the music stops. Disturbingly, a creepy, barely visible photo of Jack Walten can be seen in the background.

Tape #2 - 08/13/1978


The second tape shows the process of reprogramming the animatronics. The text on the first screen says "REPROGRAMMING PHASE "facial expressions"". The animatronic Banny is used as an example, though it states that results should be the same for the other animatronics. She opens and closes her mouth, which the video notes as an old feature. She then blinks, which the video notes is a new feature from the reprogramming. Banny uses the features to shows the emotions, with one emotion being "looking for friends (customers)". As she looks around, the background fades to black as Susan Woodings's face overlays Banny before disappearing three times.


The scene changes to a cartoon Banny in a square room with three doors. She tries to exit through a door but only respawns again in the room. Meanwhile, a text-to speech voice repeats, "The bunny rabbit needs to get out." The voice switches to repeating, "The rabbit is starving." as Banny gives up and stands in the center of the room. The voice repeats "Is starving." as Banny begins crying, and just "Is." when the tears become black.

The scene changes again to black and white footage of wild rabbits running around in a field. The broken animatronic of Banny appears in the center of the frame. The footage disappears, just leaving Banny in a black background. Her face is zoomed into the screen, before being replaced with a purple cartoon rabbit in a birdcage. Finally, a barely visible missing poster of Susan is shown after that.

Tape #3 - 07/09/1978


The third tape is a tutorial for technical support in the K-9 Storage Facility. Sha acts as the guide for the tutorial, and tells the viewer to always wear the Bunny Smiles uniform and bring their BSI ID card. The scene cuts to Brian Stells's ID card before returning to Sha. She helps Bon prepare to enter the facility by checking if he has the required items: a lantern/flashlight, a snack, a key, and a camera. Bon turns around to the viewer at the final item as the background goes black, as Jack Walten peeks out of his backpack.

Sha is now inside the facility. She advises the viewer to keep track of which rooms they enter as they can get easily lost. As she leaves the resting room, a shadow man appears for a brief moment. She goes into the storage room and explain the use of the storage areas, but is interrupted when explaining the third door's use. She says, "The third door is used to hide—" before the screen turns black and Sha frowns.


In the main storage area, Sha says something in reverse. The audio can be reversed to reveal a story. It says, "Rosemary would go to the restaurant every night hoping that her beloved husband would reappear after being missing for weeks, but no response, until one day she heard a voice saying, 'I know where she is Rosie' coming from the backstage". Sha tells the viewer to follow her, but the scene changes to the animatronic forms of Bon and Sha.

She goes to a room with broken animatronics and warns the viewer to not touch or shine lights on them unless they are a facility technician. Sha returns to the main storage area crying, remembering she was already in that room. She tries to leave the room, but bumps into Shadow Man who was blocking the way. The entire scene is heavily distorted and red. She is crying more. Sha is back in the storage room saying "Sophie, where am I?" before rapidly flashing from Sha to cartoon Rosemary. The Sha poster in the background is replaced with Rosemary's head.


The cartoon version of Rosemary appears on screen. Sha's voiceover says, "By the time the lady entered the backstage as the voice told her to, her missing husband wasn't there. Instead, she found a rabbit—" before showing Bon looking back and forth until he looks into the camera. Bon says "Rosemary (possibly "You're broken"), will fix you. You will beautiful." before Rose's dismembered body parts appear.

Bloody sha.png

A cartoon of Bon show him putting Rosie's body parts into Sha, causing blood to appear on the animatronic. The Shadow Man appears, causing the scene to invert color. Animatronic Sha appears on screen and says "When she woke up, she looked beautiful. But on the inside, it felt like every single part of her body was bleeding out." Sha turns bloody and moves around rapidly. A black and white image of Sha's face is shown before a barely visible missing poster for Rosemary.

Tape #4 - 07/12/78 - 07/14/78

The fourth tape is a recording made by three BSI technicians who volunteered to stay at the facility for three days to reprogram the animatronics. An image of the three employees appears, with the names Hilary B., Ashley P., and Kevin W. The recording begins outside of the facility where they talk about Bon's closing.

Hello there im bon.png

Inside, they find broken animatronics of Sha and Bon. They discuss how they may repair them for the relocation, but Hilary believes that the damage is too severe that someone must have done it intentionally. The trio gets in sleeping bags for the night when Ashley notices the company gave them a tiny key but never explained its use. She wants to investigate its use, but the rest of the team says they have to finish work on the animatronics.

In the morning, Kevin gives a recap of the project stating that it was unsuccessful, as the endoskeleton models were too damaged and the lack of time. The footage shows the animatronics of Boozoo and Bon. He ends the recording by asking the company for better equipment and more time.


Ashley starts a new recording to figure out what the key is used for, as she believes it can save the project. She eventually finds that the key opens a door called the "Backdoors", which just leads to many other doors. Opening doors at random, she finds spare endoskeletons, unused animatronics, and spare animatronic head. She gasps at something but continues. She goes to more rooms and finds a weird rabbit character and Boozoo.

She discovers a cassette tape, and goes to Billy to use the cassette player installed in him. A birthday song plays, before it says "Jack, Susan, Charles, Rosemary, Sophie". Her flashlight shuts off, and when she finally turns it back on, Bon appears in front of her. She screams as he gets closer.

The scene changes to the image of the three employees, but Hilary and Kevin's bodies are blacked out. Ashley's eyes turn black and blood appears on her face. It switches to Billy saying something, when an arm reaches for his face and pulls down his mask. The human face inside is presumably Ashley. Text flashes on screen explaining what happened to Ashley the next morning. Hilary and Kevin thought she left early, when in actuality she was still in the backrooms screaming for help. The people who returned to the facility noticed an odd smell coming from the backdoors and shut it down. Cryptically, the text says Ashley is not screaming anymore, that she saw something she wasn't supposed to see, and repeats that she is beautiful.

A second later, the second half of the YouTube link to the hidden Lucky You video appears for a split second in the bottom right corner.

After the credits roll a voice can be heard saying "Shadow Man feeds me when lights go off." and an image of Bunnyfarm can be seen, showing Bon, Banny, Sha, and Boozo in front of a barn, with a mailbox next to it saying "Bon", implying that it is his. In the background behind a tree, Showbear can be seen.