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Lucky You is a secret video in The Walten Files. The link to the video was hidden in Relocate Project.

Video Description

"The story of Bon's Burgers goes back to 1958, where 2 college students Had the same idea of Animated performers, The names were Jack Walten and Felix Kranken.
it took them 16 Years to actually execute this concept, By that time Kranken and Walten had built their own Families, Felix Married a beautiful lady and Walten was not only a great Husband but also the Happy father of 3 Beautiful children
―Description of video


The tape begins with the logo of Bon's Burgers. Images with dates are presented.

  • "Opening Day 06/28/1974": Bon's Burgers and a Bon animatronic.
  • "First Birthday Party 06/30/1974": A group of children.
  • "Last Shows Before Closure 07/10/1974 - 07/19/1974": A Bon animatronic.
  • "Thank you for the smiles! Bon's Burgers: 06/28/1974 - 07/20/1974": Bon and Boozoo moving on stage.
  • "10/31/1974": A dilapilated Bon's Burgers.
  • "12/10/1974": K-9 Storage Facility.
  • "01/23/1975": Abandoned animatronics of Bon, Boozoo, Sha, and Banny.
  • "06/11/1974": Animatronic heads of Bon, Sha, Banny, Billy, and Boozoo appear, followed by a rabbit coop, K-9 Storage Facility, Brian Stells running from Bon, Ashley screaming at Bon, a cartoon version of Showbear, and a pill bottle with Sophie's name on it. A voice tells the viewer that they may be confused, but answers will be given. They repeatedly say, "Safety in pills, Sophie."

The final images are the broken down animatronics of Bon, Sha, Banny, Billy, and an endoskeleton. The text on the screen reads, "Oh, can't you see? / I made them beautiful / I don't know how / I didn't even mean to / but I did. / They try to talk to us / through analog / they will be heard / this is their cry for help / besides, they want us to know / what happened that year / but we must be patient. / Look / they are filled with life / they dance to the music / they laugh and sing along / they're perfect / they are beautiful / they will see you soon, Sophie."

Towards the end of the video, when the broken animatronics are shown the song "Heartaches" by Al Bowlly is played, heavily distorted and slowed down.