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Jenny is responsible for the events of BunnyFarm, as she introduces the arcade machine to her girlfriend, Sophie. She lives at the Entfernt Hotel with her.


Jenny is a female with fluffy red hair, pale skin, and freckles, along with a big nose and eyes. In all of her appearances, she wears a rainbow sweater.


She is shown to be outgoing and fairly confident, as well as caring when the situation suits it, though she can be snarky. When interacting with Sophie, she is shown to tease her and call her a dumbass due to a spelling error, jokingly. She is also shown to be frequently busy with essays and work.

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The Walten Files - Season 1 Official Trailer

Before the change to on January 1st, the link lead to a string of text, which showed a conversation shown between Jenny and Sophie after the events of The Walten Files 3. The website read as follows:

"What happened, Sophie??"

"The game..."


"The game...   It said m-my name. My family was there....   Mom."

"Sophie, try to calm down, please, take a deep breath"


"Is everything okay?"


"Oh god, alright uh, try to tell me what happened."

"....I was... I was playing the game okay?? It was fun and then...."

"...and then what?"

",,,,,jesus I-"

"Sophie I'm trying to help you, but I can't if you don't tell me what happened."


"Sophie... please."

"....My family. I haven't seen them in years."

"Oh damn."

"...My mom disappeared one day, so did my father. It's been a touchy subject ever since."

"Sophie, I'm so sorry to hear that."

"....The creepy part is, I saw them again. Last night."


"...I saw my mom, then.....  then there was screaming, i could recognize it was her voice, who else would it b-be?"

"Oh god"

"Then I saw my siblings, I don't they're gone."


"I..... I don't think they're gone."

"...Sophie, I-"

"You don't believe me?"

"no, Sophie-"

"You don't believe me."

"Hey, don't say-"

"Y-you think I'm making this up, d-don't you??"

"Sophie, no, I believe you, I mean it."


"Yes, of course i do."


"Hey, don't be. We'll figure this out. Can you remember anything else about your family?"


"Do you want to remember?"


"Okay, god, alright, it's alright. We'll figure it out, We're gonna pull through, alright? I'm going to help you."

"....Thanks, Jenny.."


Sophie Walten - Girlfriend


  • Jenny is canonically dating Sophie Walten.[2][3][4][5]
  • According to Martin, if Jenny was an influencer, her and Sophie would likely post random things to tiktok.[6]
  • She had seven different designs, and her current one was only decided on in 2021.[7]
  • An arcade date would be her and Sophie's favorite kind of date.[8]
  • Would win against Sophie in a fighting game.[9]
  • She likes 1980s pop music.[10]