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"Just- What the hell is wrong with you?" Jack Walten, the second call, addressed to Felix Kranken after not answering calls.

Jack Walten is a major character in The Walten Files.


Jack Walten was married to Rosemary Walten, with whom he had three children: Sophie, Ed, and Molly.

He is 42 years old, and 6'2. Although there is no a colorized image of him, it has been confirmed in the website that his hair color is brown and his eyes are black. His suit was said to be a dark spot red color by Martin Walls, and according to the website, he was last seen wearing it. (citation needed)

He was the founder (co-founder) of Bon´s Burgers, and went missing on the 11th of June, 1974, about 2 weeks before the opening of Bon´s Burgers.

He was born September 23rd, 1932. He is described as a hard working man and the happy father of 3. He had a seemingly happy life before the events of The Walten Files. He studied in Cleary University in Livingston County and graduated in 1959, on the same year he married Rosemary. He would later raise a family with her.

He was highly known in Brighton, Minnesota for his company "Bunny Smiles Incorporated" and his restaurant franchise "Bon's Burgers" which he was in the process of opening with his close friend, Felix Kranken.

One day, on May 2nd, 1974, while Jack was busy at work and his wife was busy taking Sophie to the dentist, he called Felix to ask him to pick up his two younger children, Ed and Molly, and bring them to a school party, then get them back home at 9 pm. Felix refuses at first, as, unbeknownst to Jack, that same day, Linda, now Felix's ex-wife left him because of his alcoholism. But when Felix hears it's about Ed and Molly, he agrees.

During the school party, Felix left the children on their own, where he drank excessively in the adults-only area. Molly and Ed, after finding him, question his condition, but still had to go home, since it had already been over an hour since Felix was supposed to drive them home. On the way to the Walten’s house, Felix lost control of the car, killing both children in the crash immediately, and burying them in Saint Juana's Forest. Jack is heard near the end of the flashback sequence of BunnyFarm, frantically calling Felix dozens of times and berating him in voice messages, worried sick about his children who were supposed to be home hours ago.

It is unknown what happened between Jack and Felix after this night up until his disappearance, which was 40 days after the events of the killings of his 2 children.

After his disappearance and the opening, his wife would go to the restaurant everyday hoping he would come back, but he never did.


Jack's personality has not been revealed all that much, since we have not seen much of him. He is described by others as hard-working and a happy father. Martin Walls has said he is a good husband and father. Despite this, Jack has extreme anger issues, that he will get so angry that the only person who can calm him down is Rosemary. However, he is not abusive to either his wife or children.


Felix Kranken

Felix Kranken and Jack Walten are close friends who met in Cleary University. They bonded over wanting to start an animatronic-themed restaurant, which eventually their shared dream became a reality. They were the owners and founders of Bon’s Burgers. Their relationship takes a sharp turn when Felix got into a car crash due to him being drunk enough to not pay attention to his own driving behavior, and accidentally killed Jack's two youngest children, Edd and Molly Walten. Soon after that, Jack went missing. Though he cares about Felix dearly, Martin has stated that Felix is often the one to cause him to lose his temper.

Rosemary Walten

Rosemary Walten is Jack Walten’s wife. She and Jack show no signs of having a struggling marriage before Jack goes missing and Rosemary dies. It is stated that their relationship is healthy.


There is a website dedicated to finding Jack Walten.(look at the Find Jack Walten article for the website)


  • Jack Walten's appearance was based off of one of the founders of Atari, Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell was also a founder of Chuck E. Cheese, a popular children's restaurant chain that also featured singing animatronics. (citation needed)
  • Other appearances are edited pictures of Rodney Alcala, otherwise known as the Dating Game Killer, and Martin Walls himself.
  • Jack is voiced by Martin Walls, the creator of The Walten Files.
  • Both Felix Kranken and Jack Walten's faces are edited versions of the faces of the Atari founders.
  • Martin Walls used his own face for Jack Walten beside Company Introductory Tape.
  • According to Martin, he is a very bad cook.
  • He and Rosemary enjoyed slow-dancing together.
  • His favorite artist is Rosemary.
  • He and Rosemary's favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • In college, Jack enjoyed planning pranks.
  • The name "Jack" is a common diminutive for "John," which originates from the Hebrew names Yohanan ("Graced by God") and Yehohanan ("God is gracious"). Of note is that "Juana" originates from these names as well. The German word "walten" can be translated as "reign," "prevail," "rule," and "at work (as a force or principle)."


Note: these are not confirmed/canon nor are the creators of the wikis claiming them to be so, these are just some possible theories made by the fandom.

  • Exactly how and why Jack disappeared is unknown at the moment, but some theorize that Felix could have killed Jack for knowing too much about the car crash in which Edd and Molly died.
  • Another train of thought is due to the grief of losing two children from the hands of his friend, he may have committed suicide.
  • Jack may have somehow been trapped in the tapes-- his face appears repeatedly and seemingly anomalously in Little Bon's Neighborhood. His face is on the "really funny movie" that Little Bon had bought, and the only thing seen on the TV while Little Bon and his friends are watching the movie is the words "Let me out of here."
  • There is also a theory floating around that Jack may be alive and well in Florida. Someone under the alias frightnitez on twitter ran several file names of the images from through a decryption process, and found interesting results when plugging the resulting text in Google Search.
  • A popular theory amongst fans is that Jack Walten possesses Bon, as he is the only one who went missing who isn't confirmed to possess anything yet, and it's not confirmed who possesses Bon. Another thing fans like to point out in support to this theory is that the only animatronic Jack ever appears with so far is Bon.