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Guilty is a secret video in The Walten Files. The link to the video was hidden in BunnyFarm.

Video Description

"In memorial of Edward Walten - Molly Walten:
- Ed (12) and Molly (9) died Thursday, May 2nd, 1974 in a fatal car accident, they were leaving a party made by their school to celebrate Spring. Jack Walten (father, husband) couldn't take the kids to the celebration because of work. A friend of Mr. Walten would take the kids instead. On the way back home, Jack's friend would be driving in questionable conditions, thus crashing his car near the road next to Saint Juana's forest. Instantly taking both Edward and Molly's lives. You will be remembered, our little angels, our little red children.
―Description of video


The video begins with the Bunny Smiles Inc. logo. It is an archive containing three audio recordings from Felix Kranken.

Company Greeting - 4/15/1967

Felix introduces himself and Jack Walten to his company. He states that the company believes that all one needs to succeed is hope, and that he has hope in his small company.

The images that appear are of him and another logo of the company.

December Message - 12/10/1972

Felix wishes all his BSI employees a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. He is proud of his company for the Cyberfun Tech deal and the Bon's Burgers project.

The images that appear are of him, Cyberfun Tech's logo, a poster for Bon's Burgers, and the Boozoo animatronic.

Guilty - 05/02/1974

Upon he logo appearing Guilty is censored, but you can make out that it reads guilty. The subtitles also show "After the car crash". Felix begins by saying he messed up. He admits that he has had a drinking problem for a long time, and he carries a recorder with him to remember what happened when he was drunk. Currently, he grieves Molly and Edward's deaths and worries about what to tell Jack. He confesses that he panicked and buried his children in the forest near the accident because he couldn't stand the idea of Jack seeing his children's corpses. He tries to reassure himself that everything will be fine.

The images that appear are of Felix frowning, a highway, two red children holding hands, Saint Juana's forest, and Bon's Burgers. Near the end of the recording, Rocket appears on the screen, slowly fading away to the darkness, to Henry Hall's Home, heard yet again in The Ticking Clock.