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Description” was website dedicated to the disappearance of Jack Walten, cofounder of Bunny Smiles, Inc. and Bon’s Burgers. The website also contained multiple hidden urls, including (but not limited to): Interactions between Sophie Walten and Jenny Letterson, one regarding Rosemary Walten, and one regarding the case of the Walten Family.

On January 1st 2022, the website was completely overhauled: the main page now featuring a 1982 new year’s announcement by a company named CyberFun Tech as well as all the other secret links’ pages now containing new material and a new link having been added. The pages' old versions can still be accessed through WayBack Machine links.

Main Site

The main website contains a missing website for Jack Walten, featuring his face, a description of his appearance, and when he was last seen. The site dates his birth on September 23rd, 1932, and states that he graduated from “Cleary University” in Livingston County, which was said to be the same year he married Rosemary. The site also states that he gained notoriety in Brighton due to Bunny Smiles and Bon’s Burgers, but suddenly disappeared two weeks before the opening of the restaurant.

However, the most recent news of Walten’s appearance would be on March 29th, 1979, on a radio show on the station MLBQ FM Radio. Felix Kranken states in an interview:

"I still wonder about what happened to my best friend, to this day I get people asking how I've handled the situation, how I've managed to keep on with this company knowing that he's been gone for years. It's hard to look back at Jack, because... I know that those happy memories and experiences I had with Walten and his Family will never happen again. And he'll never get to see what our dream company turned out to be. But there's still hope, I guess"

Pressing on the "Contact Us Here." button at the bottom of the page will lead to At first, the site used to contain a drawing that appeared to be Charles, with the text "did you forget about me?" to the side. Said text would require you to either highlight it, or zoom out the page so that it appeared on the black part of the page to read it. Zooming out the page also allowed you to see the full version of the drawing.

“Did you forget about me?”

link to Jack's original page - missing 1 - missing 2

The page was later changed to contain just a black screen, with the text "I'll see you soon."

On January 1st 2022, the contents of the page were changed once again. The page now contains what seems to be a distorted image of a baby's face.

On January 1st 2022, the contents of the main page were changed. The main page now contains a message by the company CyberFun Tech dated 1982, where the company wishes readers a happy new year and states “Big things are coming.”.

Funded in 1943 by Jason Pooltrick CyberFun Tech was a company that started out by manufacturing small casino machines and over the years shifted its focus into researching and innovating technology in the entertainment industry as a whole. On March 19th 1952 Pooltrick passed away due to heart failure and his son took over the company and started pushing its research even further, this leading to the creation of the story’s animatronic models. In a statement by Pooltrick’s son, only known by the intials N.P., dated June 20th 1974 says:

"A game breaker, is what it is. We're taking a new step in technology and entertaintment. Machines able to resemble the actions of a real life performer, and I'm not talking about singing or dancing, but rather interacting with it's audience and surroundings like a real person would. We may even be able to have our machines directly adress our clients by name via a recognition system we've been developing over the years."

This is followed by details on how people that are interested in working with the company can join their “Technology of the Future” fair by submitting a full prototype of their idea, and that they will then be contacted within a few days of their application were they chosen to participate, saying that they’ve been using this method to find new hires since the 1960’s. The message closes with a note saying that due to the company’s schedule and focus on greater projects, the 1982 fair has been cancelled but that people are free to apply to the 1983 fair.

The site also included certain letters which were colored in color:#BADA55 (via inspect element on the letter), which formed the words brightonghosts, with a / at the beginning. Putting the colored letters into an additional subdirectory before the original findjackwalten link leads us to Anthony Miller's page, which is

The page contains several new images:

  • first off is an illustration of cartoon Bon and Sha cheering to the new year, Bon’s bow-tie is black instead of the usual red while Sha’s wearing a purple dress and a pearl necklace, with text at the bottom reading “happy new year - cyberfun tech 1982”.
  • Second is an “under construction” note from the company that informs readers that due to recent projects all of CyberFun’s services and workshops will be unavailable during the new year, stating they wanted to focus all their attention on their current endeavours. The note ends stating that in case anyone would want to get in contact with the company they can reach out by letter or by calling them but no actual phone number is provided. The note is also signed off by three sets of initials: N.P., C.E., F.K., with 5 more being visible if altering the image’s value: C.O., E.W., J.W., S.W, R.W.. While most of these can be traced to already known characters, a couple are still unknown/unclear.
  • Third is a picture that shows Banny’s bare endoskeleton with her faceplate just slightly out of frame , part of Susan’s face is visible in the picture’s dark background.
  • Lastly is a picture of the inside of Bon’s Burgers in a room with dining tables and a stage where Billy can be seen standing, pictures of Bon and Boozoo can also be seen on the wall by the left of the stage.

Jenny Letterson’s Page

When using the url, the page previously contained a picture of the Entfernt Hotel is shown, along with dialogue between Jenny and Sophie, after the events of BunnyFarm. It starts out with Jenny asking Sophie what happened while she was playing. Sophie explains that she had seen her family in the game. Sophie begins to question if Jenny believes her. Jenny denies this and asks Sophie if she remembers anything about her family, to which Sophie says she doesn't. Jenny then asks if Sophie wants to remember her family, to which Sophie responds yes. Jenny pledges to help Sophie. Link to this version of the page.

On January 1st, the contents of the page were changed. The page now appears completely blank with no known hidden content as of now.

Rosemary Walten’s Page

The URL previously showed a more high-definition image of the missing poster for Rosemary, which states that she was born on April 20th, 1934, and last seen on the morning of July 19th, 1974. At the bottom it says "IF FOUND PLEASE CALL:" but does not list a phone number. Link to this version of the page.

On January 1st 2022, the contents of the page were changed. The image of Rosemary's missing poster was replaced with a distorted picture of Rosemary’s face with blacked out eyes and mouth, over a heavy static background.

The newer image on Rosemary’s page. The site still reads “A beautiful rose”

Rosemary's missing poster.

Sophie Walten's Page

Blurred photo of what looks like Ed and Molly Walten.

Entering the link previously showed transcript of a conversation between Jenny Letterson and Sophie Walten sometime after the events of BunnyFarm.

Jenny tries to help Sophie remember some of her memories. She starts of by asking what her oldest memory she can remember is. She responds by saying that she remembers being at the police station interrogating her, but she doesn't what for. Next Jenny asks who she remembers sharing with and Sophie replies with her mother, Rosemary Walten. She mentions spending most of her summers being with her. Jenny asks if Sophie can remember her mom's name and she has a hard time remembering it but eventually gets it. Then Jenny questions what type of mother she was. Sophie answers that she was kind and caring but "not too kind, y'know?". Then she mentions that after her Dad disappeared, her mother started acting strange, stating, "She became more unstable, not as in.. she became insane or something, she just, felt more 'sad', I could tell whenever she'd try to act nice so I wouldn't feel bad myself, her eyes had a certain.....   look to them, a sad look." After that, Jenny asks about her father, Jack Walten. Sophie says that she doesn't remember his name. She then follows by saying that she doesn't remember a whole lot about him and spent more time with her Mom since her Dad was busy with work. When asked about what he was like, she says she also doesn't remember, but, "Only thing I remember is his voice. A deep, quiet and very intimidating tone whenever he would speak, he'd barely ever raise his voice too." Jenny asks if this was whenever he was angry. Sophie mentions that he usually in a temper because of anger issues. Then Jenny follows by saying ""....So was he, well...  y'know", implying if he was abusive. Sophie, startled by the assumption, then replies saying that he loved the family. The conversation ends there.

At the top of the website there is a grainy photo of presumably Ed and Molly Walten with their faces blurred. Link to this version of the page.

On January 1st 2022, the contents of the page were changed. Almost the entire transcript between Sophie and Jenny was removed, with new text that reads “Do you believe in happy endings?” followed only by Sophie’s quote from the old transcript saying “.....he loved us."

Log #785

The painting that was found in Sophie’s room.

With the link, the site previously lead to an investigation report by the name of Detective Derek Collins during April 5th, 1977. He starts off with stating that the Waltens’ family home has been abandoned for over three years. He and the investigative team had also paid another visit to the house, along with talking with Sophie. He notes her reluctance to address anything about the situation, possibly because she doesn’t remember anything. What’s more is that Kranken was caught drinking once again, and as a result he was revoked of his driving license and stayed in the station for three days. When asked about the case, he didn’t address anything about the case, leading to Derek noting his debilitating alcoholism.

Confused by all of the evidence present that is leading him to nothing, he wonders whether or not there was actually anything that is missing. Him and a man named Rogers even went to check all of the documents of Bunny Smiles, Incorporated, with no luck.

Realizing that he was steering from the original purpose of the log, he returned to the house, where he was unable to take any photos and was a quick visit. What’s more is that the house, like it would if left untouched for years, is slowly rotting, where the walls are rusting, the wallpaper is torn apart, and all of the stuff is gone, save for a cute painting on the wall in Sophie’s bedroom. He also checked the other rooms, including Jacks, and only found a pack of cigarettes, nothing else.

Dissatisfied, Derek notes how the case has gone terrible, and the rumors about what happened to the Walten family seems to drive his frustration further. Link to this version's of the page.

On January 1st 2022, the contents of the page were changed. The report was removed, and has been replaced by a distorted black and white picture of what appears to be Charles’s eyes, removed from the hollowed out sockets, text at the bottom of the picture reads “but now god knows anything goes” which is lyrics from Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes”. Looking at the site on mobile devices makes it possible to access a hidden play button that starts a recording of someone whistling a tune, while we can assume it to also be linked to the song it hasn’t been surely confirmed.

Rocket's page

The link led to a page containing a gif of Rocket, with its mouth moving up and down subtly.

On January 1st 2022, The contents of the page were changed. The page now only contains an image of a domino tile with the numbers 5 and 2 on it.

Jack Walten's page

The link leads to a much more jumbled version of what used to be the main missing person page for Jack and was added along with the other changes to already existing pages on January 1st. The title is now only a string of question marks with white text underneath it that reads “I’m here.”. All of Jack’s personal information has been removed along with any of the old text, now replaced with lyrics to Doris Day’s “They say it’s wonderful”.

Jack's new picture on the site.

The page contains an upside down picture of Jack, a dark photo of what appears to be a restaurant with birthday party decorations and a clown performer along with possibly clown animatronics in the background, and a never seen before picture of Jack at the very bottom of the page, although it is extremely blurry. Clicking on the "contact us here" button still links to the “missing” page now containing an image of the top half of an unspecified face composed by paper clippings.

Anthony Miller's Website

The link leads to what appears to be a "website" set up by Anthony Miller, regarding his "passion job" for solving supernatural mysteries, especially ones concerning ghosts. Multiple accessible links are listed on the page regarding mysteries about ghosts, with one of them being a link to the "Missing" page. The page also contains a link to his "blog" (Jack Walten's missing page), and a link to Anthony's "youtube channel" (Martin Walls' youtube channel).

Hidden Message Within Images

A Twitter user, who was investigating the website, decrypted one of the images' file name, until it reached “ÂÉ1öû.” as an end result.

Upon searching up said result on google, two websites with the name "He Is Still AL1ve !" showed up. It is currently unknown if this was intentional on Martin's part and is a confirmation of Jack being alive, or if it is simply a coincidence, however it is something very important to note.

The same user also revealed that one of the website's images broke into a link, which lead to Florida house listings. Whether this was intentional and a clue or merely a fluke is also unknown.


  • Each of the url’s has a unique tab heading
    • - The Future of Technology
    • - Help
    • - Jenny?
    • - A beautiful rose
    • - Old doll
    • - Sophie Walten
    • - Log #785
    • -Missing: Jack Walten
  • The drawing that used to be on is most likely that of Charles, the person inhibiting Boozoo, as his face is jumbled and a mess, as the corpse can’t remember his face.
  • The hotel in could be the building Sophie and Jenny are staying at.