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Felix is usually in business attire and wears thick glasses. In Company Introduction Tape and Relocate Project, he is in a grey business suit. However, the animated version has him in a short-sleeved button-down shirt, a black tie, and black slacks, still keeping his thick-rimmed glasses.

However, in Showbear’s presentation of memories, he is tall and slim, wearing a deep blue suit. His face is somewhat distorted, either due to how Showbear presents characters or possibly to represent his drunkenness from his heavy drinking at the party.


Felix seems to be very friendly, as he appreciates the fact that Jack considers him a friend. However, his severe alcoholism brought him into a frenzied state, as Linda notes in her October 30th, 1964 entry that he had been drinking way more than usual, and he was crying and stressed about something. He is ashamed of his addiction and reluctant to address it. He suffers from severe memory loss due to his drinking habits. He may have a firm opinion of himself, as the first tape of the Relocate Project describes him as brilliant and caring, as he was the one to think of the project in the first place and has made himself the sole founder.

He is also very persistent, as even after Bon’s Burgers closed, he established the Relocate Project in the hopes that the restaurant could reopen in the near future, and after missing the projected date due to the project’s failure, he pushed for the project again.

Martin has compared Felix to the titular protagonist of 'Bojack Horseman', Bojack Horseman. He stated that he is a man who believes he is good deep down, despite never trying to change his actions. He's extremely self-centered, as seen in Guilty when he tries to take credit for Bon's Burgers as a whole. This is also seen and pointed out by Martin that when the accident happened, he was more afraid about how it would affect him less so than anyone else.


Jack Walten

Felix and Jack Walten are close friends who met in university. They bonded over wanting to start an animatronic themed restaurant and eventually their shared dream became a reality. They were the owners and founders of Bon’s Burgers. Their relationship took a sharp turn when Felix got into a crash due to being blackout drunk and accidentally killed Jack’s two youngest children, Molly Walten and Edward Walten. Soon after that, Jack went missing.

Linda Thompson

While working towards his dreams for Bon’s Burgers, known as the “restaurant idea,” he married a woman known as Linda Thompson. However, this marriage was doomed from the start, as Felix’s crippling alcoholism had put a heavy strain on the relationship, as he would devote most of his time to drinking. This marriage soon ended on May 2nd, 1974, where she left for Hurricane to try and start a new life for herself.

Company Introductory Tape

Felix is seen in the first tape of the series alongside Jack Walten when given a message, stating that “In BSI, the most important thing isn’t the money or the ratings. The most important thing is that you have a wonderful experience working with us.”

The next segment states that due to the Bon’s Burgers location during 1974, he moved everything from the restaurant to the K-9 Storage Facility for good.

Relocate Project

Felix is mentioned as the creator of the Relocate Project, which has been dated “X/X/75.” He is pictured working on a computer while Bon watches with excitement. He is also seen in an 8-bit recreation of the workers moving the animatronics to the K-9 facility. Felix also began selling books, toys and even pitched a tv show called “Little Bon’s Neighborhood.” Felix Kranken is now depicted as the sole founder of the Bon’s Burgers company and Bunny Smiles Incorporated, instead of as a co-founder of the companies. The picture is the same as the Company Introductory Tape, other than having Jack cropped out of the picture, save for the arm that’s patting Felix’s shoulder. The narrator of the tape states that he had the brilliant idea of relocating the animatronics from the original restaurant to the facility to hope that a new Bon’s Burgers restaurant can be opened in the not-so-distant future (the sign says it plans to be opened in 1982). The narrator then praises Felix, stating that “...not only does he have a giant brain, but also a giant he[art].” However, the cartoon is cut short by a cartoon version of Jack Walten.

He is mentioned in the Reprogramming Tape, as the mighty rabbit (Susan Woodings inside of Banny) tries to get his attention, though she is unsuccessful.

As the Shadow Man

If Felix is known as the “Shadow Man,” he can be seen in the third tape of Technical Support. He follows Sha, appearing first in the resting room once Sha leaves. He then can be seen in the main storage area of the basement when Sha enters it again. He is at the exit and stops Sha from leaving. He is also seen for the third time, at the same spot. He is seen after Bon stuffs the dismembered body of Rosemary Walten, possibly turning on the lights to reveal both animatronics covered in blood and gore. The theory that Felix is the "Shadow Man" is also supported by the song "Slowly" uploaded by the channel FelixComplex K9 (a.k.a Ronnie) on Youtube.


He is first seen in a series of images in the founding photo in the backdrop of the main picture of Sophie, still with Jack Walten.

He is then mentioned again in the help manual, which changes to Linda Thompson’s diary.

October 30th, 1964

Linda notes that Felix has been acting strange as of late, drinking much more heavily than usual, and that he came home crying and distraught at 4 in the morning.

August 23rd, 1965

Felix is now living with Linda, and the day before, they celebrated Jack and Rosemary Walten’s third child Molly being born. He was also pitching Bon’s Burgers, referred to as the “restaurant idea.” to Cyberfun Tech, who were very interested in his idea.

December 26th, 1970

Felix and Jack most likely have built a gray rabbit for Ed and Molly, which Molly affectionately calls Rocket. However, despite the lovely Christmas, his drinking problem has worsened, and he has yet to address it. He also knows it's getting worse, but he doesn't try to change.

January 3rd, 1973

Due to being busy with projects, his alcoholism gets so severe that he even stays at the warehouse for the sole purpose of drinking; this puts a severe strain on his marriage with Linda.

May 2nd, 1974

This entry is Linda’s divorce letter, stating that due to the relationship always being in such an unhealthy state, she’s moving away from Brighton to Hurricane, and knows that by the time he’s reading this, due to being in the warehouse with Jack (or he’s just going to drink again) and has to do Jack a favor with Ed and Molly at the party, she’ll be gone. She’ll try to build her own life while she has the chance and hopes he does too. The note ends with “I am so sorry.” Sophie admits that she shouldn’t be reading this diary, causing it to revert to the standard manual.

The Accident

In Boozoo’s minigame of Spot the Differences, there is an image of Billy playing with three toy figures and a toy car. However, the blue figure Billy holds on the left image is replaced with a black one on the right image. Sophie doesn’t click this difference, as clicking the two red figures causes Boozoo to change pictures quickly.

Showbear’s Remembrance

On May 2nd, 1974, at precisely 15:23 (3:23 p.m. converted from maritime), Felix gets a call from Jack Walten. Jack asks Felix for a small favor, which Felix is reluctant to. Jack cuts him off, saying that Ed and Molly have a school party and has no one to pick them up, as he has to finish paperwork at the workshop while Rosemary is taking Sophie to the dentist. Felix accepts the request, and Jack is happy, calling him a “lifesaver.” He instructs Felix to pick them up at five and get them home by nine.

Felix arrives at their house, albeit a bit late, and drives them around 17:56 (5:56 p.m.) He then spends the rest of the party at the drinking zone. Ed and Molly meet up with him after finding Rocket, and it’s very late by the time Felix gets ready to pick them up. Molly asks him the first time if he drank, but he denies it by stating that he’s just been feeling dizzy. He’s back on the road at 21:53 (9:53 p.m.), and by the time he’s back on the road, he’s been driving for a while. Molly innocently asks again if he’s been drinking, to which Felix states he’s just dizzy. Ed notices that he’s speeding a bit, and he puts it off by saying that’s he wants to get them home quickly. Felix says once more that he’s not feeling great and he wants to go to bed. Molly understands, knowing that it wasn’t one of his best days and that everything will be okay. However, the dialogue replaces all of Molly’s statements that it’s all his fault. He thanks her but then quickly gets into a car accident, hitting headlong into a barrier and crashing the car in Santa Juana’s Forest. A “Bad Ending” screen is shown, saying that “you crashed the car! You killed them!” The background noises are various sound bites of the game, paired with his screams of terror, as Felix realizes that he just killed Ed and Molly Walten. He was too scared to face the consequences, so Felix buried the both of them in Santa Juana’s, along with either intentionally or unintentionally losing Rocket.

He has 25 new messages at Felix's house, all of them from Jack, as it’s been three hours since he told Felix to drop off Ed and Molly. He asks what happened to them and demands Felix to say to him if something did. However, even though it’s been three hours, he hasn’t called back, and no one has been able to get to him, not even Jack. Livid, Jack asks, “Just what the hell is wrong with you? I asked you to do one simple favor for me. I need to know where are they...” The voicemail is abruptly ended.


Company Greeting, Dated 04/15/1967

The first message that is sent has a young, happy Felix. He greets all of the new employees, and that he, along with Jack, are excited to work with them, and that he hopes that the employees will help achieve the dream of BunnySmiles, Incorporated. And despite not having much to their budget, he has hope, and that’s all that matters.

December Message, Dated 12/10/1972

The following message is sent by an older yet still as determined Felix. He gives all of the dedicated BSI employees a farewell message, wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. He states that it’s wild how far the company has made it, and never thought that he, no, they would make it this far, and is proud of all of them, and is looking forward to the following year.

Guilty: After the car crash, Dated 05/02/1974

The final message is just after the car crash and is sent by a half-drunk, half-shocked Felix. He intermittently cries throughout this entire message. He starts by stating that it’s been a while since he’s used the recording device. The last time he used it, he was in the same conditions and also messed up. He finally addresses his crippling alcoholism, stating that it makes him forget things, like the first time he’s gotten drunk. He realizes that it’s why he carries the recorder with him, to help him remember things better, knowing that the next day, he’ll think of the car crash as a terrible nightmare and that Ed and Molly are perfectly okay. However, he knows they’re not and is terrified of telling Jack and knows he’d be devastated, which is why he buried them, as he’s terrified of the thought of Jack seeing what had happened. Felix says that Jack has been the best friend he’s ever had and would never do a thing like that. Though, he doesn’t remember where exactly he buried them and then causes him to weep for a few moments before stating, “God... I’m so fucked...” And for a good reason, as the restaurant is opening up next month. But, he tries to assure himself that everything will be fine and that he’s okay... then he most likely passes out.

Find Jack Walten

In, Felix offers the most recent news about his missing friend, five years later after his disappearance. On MLB! FM Radio, March 29th, 1979, he states that he still wonders what happens to his friend, and states that he still wonders how he’s been able to keep on with the company knowing that he and his family are missing, and that he is saddened that he’ll never be able to live the happy memories and experiences again, and that Jack would never get to see what the company turned out to be. Despite this, he still has hope.

Later, in Log #785, Detective Derek Collins stated that Felix was caught driving under the influence again, and as a result he was revoked of his license and stayed in the station for three days. When questioned about the case of the missing members of the Walten family, he didn’t say anything about it. He has been described to not been recovering from his alcoholism, only getting worse. The most recent thing doing in the Contact us section of the website is a black screen with white text that says “I’ll see you soon”.



  • Both Felix Kranken and Jack Walten's faces are actually edited versions of the faces of the Atari founders. His face in Guilty is also the face of Buddy Holly.
  • He hates pizza
  • He used a shovel to bury Ed and Molly
  • The name "Felix" is derived from the Latin word "fēlix," which means "lucky." The German word "kranken" can be translated as "sick" or "suffering (from an affliction)."