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BunnyFarm is the third installment of The Walten Files Series

"Hey! loooong time no see heh, the following footage is about a 1980s videogame created by the company, reason it took me so long to get this footage was because the game never really released to the public, and all footage available was from the Beta Version of the videogame. during october 1982 a few test bunnyfarm machines were distributed around Brighton, MI (the city where Bon's opened in june 28th, 1974) this footage was from the arcade machine sent to Entfernt Hotel. The two girls playing the game seem to have lived there. the particular thing about these machines was that all footage from the game was recorded and then revised by BSI technicians to see if the game was ready to be published, this was one of them and quite possibly the only footage remaining of this game. The footage itself was extremely corrupted however, and it took me weeks to be able to piece everything together with the help of a friend of mine, but I'm glad you've all been patient for this, seems to be a huge one anyways.
as of me, I'm going on spring break next weekend, I'm probably going to spend some time with my dad!
―{{{2}}}, Video's Description


Development of The Walten Files 3 started before The Walten Files 2 was released. Development was going well at first with teasers and imagery shown by Martin Walls. The Walten Files 3 was originally going to be released before Halloween of 2020 (October 30, 2020), however, due to the loss of a bunch of files (mainly technical and game wise), the release date was postponed to next year and caused over 20 minutes worth of footage to be scrapped. On March 19, 2021, nearly 6 months from its intended release date, the video was released to the public. (THIS IS CURRENTLY BEING WORKED ON. IF YOU HAVE ANY CONTRIBUTIONS PLEASE DO LEAVE THEM HERE, GET DATES, GET MORE INFO, AND FEEL FREE TO FIX MY GRAMMAR)

Summary/What we can learn

The statue with the message about Bobbie the Hippo might be a reference to Jack Walten having 2 kids Ed and Molly, and him promising to create the best quality barn in the world, might be a reference to Jack's message in the first episode.


The video begins with flashes of scenes from the previous episodes, with an image of Sophie Walten slowly appearing on the screen. Just before her name appears, the first half of the YouTube link to Guilty appears on the bottom right of the screen for a split second. Her girlfriend, Jenny Letterson, appears in the same format.

Recording #1 - 10/15/1982

The logo for "Bunny Smiles Games" appears at the start of the recording. It is replaced with a new screen appears stating that it is a beta test, before reaching the menu of the game. Two voices can be heard in the background: Jenny Letterson and Sophie Walten. Jenny states that she had played the game for a while, and wanted to introduce it to Sophie. Sophie creates a save file, mistyping her name as "Soapie".

The opening cutscene features cartoon versions of Bon, Sha, Boozoo, and Banny preparing for the fruit festival. After realizing that they forgot to bring fruits, and that the festival is in danger of closing, Pete the Hippo volunteers to give them fruit if they help him do some errands in his farm. Billy appears suddenly, likely as a glitch in the game. After a bit, before it goes back to gameplay, Shadow Man fades in in the background.

It transitions to the game, where Jenny shows Sophie how to move the player character, Bon. At the beginning a bit below the barn, behind a tree, A grey rabbit can be seen watching her. It should also be noted that Holly the Horse is blocking the front of a small structure. This is mentioned later. Jenny talks about how she has played this game a few years back, and noticed that the game is VERY unfinished. Featuring bugs in the levels and the game crashing a few times as well. Sophie states that BSI did confirm that it is a beta test at the start of the game, before Jenny mentions BSI told the hotel this as well when setting up the machine. As Jenny states how the glitches were freaky and that she wanted to show Sophie this since she had an interest in this stuff, Sophie asks about BSI, and states that it sounds familiar. She around this time walks up to a statue which reads as the following

Older year - Other Year

Sign on the hippo statue the first time Sophie interacts with it

Jenny explains how it recently has been in the news because of a BSI worker, Brian, had went missing recently. She eventually mentions how a girl supposedly died in an old Bunker, and whilst some people say she was privately buried, others state she is still in there. While she is talking about this they go to the bottom of the level, where behind a fence, a white bear sprite can be seen watching the player. Again the grey rabbit can be seen behind the same tree they were behind before-hand. Sophie decides to change the subject and is explained to by Jenny that she needs to interact with a certain character to enter their level. Sophie goes up to Sha's level, but states it's boring. Jenny objects saying that it is her favorite character, but says it's up to Sophie anyways. Sophie goes to Billy's level and decides to play it. After seeing a broken sprite of Sha, she talks about how this all is very familiar to her, and that she is probably boring Jenny, but Jenny tells her that she isn't, though she has to go work on an essay. As soon as she leaves, Billy's Minigame starts with a cutscene.

Billy's Minigame - Bon's Burgers

The cover image for Billy's Minigame

The cutscene that starts up shows Billy asking Bon what he is doing there and asking if he can help out with getting the party hats, but strangely, Bon doesn't appear on screen, and no audio can be heard, but there is space where he should be there. After Bon would have agreed, Billy starts to flicker, before all his poses appear on screen at once. They disappear, and in the background, the animatronic Billy can be seen in the same pose as that shown in The Walten Files 2, though his face seems to be different, more sad looking. After a bit of glitching and the poses re-appearing, the game goes into the minigame. In the 8-bit minigame, the objective is to collect items for a party by exploring the restaurant. As she collects a few presents she is thrown 3 images from the 3 presents in the room. The first one shows what seems to be Sha next to a few tables. The second one shows Bon in another area of the restaurant. The third one shows ShowBear in the restaurant, which is very odd since he doesn't appear to be apart of the main crew. At first, Sophie tries to go to the room down, but then tries to go to the door on the right since the bottom one doesn't work. Billy starts to go to where Bon was going, before the footage glitches and shows the second image. After Sophie tries to enter the door above, Billy tries to follow, but gets stuck and starts to glitch through the wall. Whilst he is doing that, Sophie collects the third image, before the footage glitches out, and it resumes in another room. Billy states that Sophie needs collect the party hats in the basement. Sophie walks around the room a bit, walking through a few items, before going to the door. The environment mostly fades out, except for a rocket ship, foreshadowing the character Rocket. As well as this, as it fades to black the animatronic Billy appears in the darkness on the left of the room. Afterwards Sophie enters a room with a strange machine, and a background which appears to be a bugged out/corrupted version of Billy. After Sophie collects a battery and puts it in the machine, the machine gives Sophie a pencil, and a game of Tic-Tac-Toe starts. Upon winning the minigame, Billy goes off-screen and returns with a 4th present. Sophie picks it up, and it reveals a distorted image of Ashley Parks. Sophie states "Eh? What's that?", and a corrupted music box version of Billy's Birthday Party starts to play, but it corrupts and breaks whilst it plays. Sophie calls out for Jenny before the game starts to completely break. Billy's poses re-appear with the face of Ashley in the middle of the face. Sophie gets startled by it and starts to panic, and after a bit Sophie is placed back in the farm, with some of Billy's portrait still on the screen, Billy's sprite being gone, the grey rabbit still behind the tree from before, and two red figures behind a fence. Sophie panics more before she eventually runs into Rocket, causing the game to hard crash. Sophie responds with "Ok never mind, never mi-" before the footage breaks and cuts her off. This ends the first recording.

Recording #2 - 10/16/1982

The footage starts up revealing that it takes place the next day, as Rocket's face slowly fades in, before it cuts to black for a bit. It then shows the BunnyFarm Title Screen, as Jenny asks Sophie about what happened yesterday. Sophie says it just crashed and showed her weird visuals. Jenny says how she also had the weird visuals, and asks Sophie if she still wants to play the game, since she could play with her in the morning, but Sophie says Jenny can go to bed. Sophie goes onto the file selection screen, but upon selecting her save file, Rocket's face appears, and the game shows a 3D bon head, a Yes or No option, and the following text:

The error screen BunnyFarm displays on boot after crashing previously.


there is a high chance "Bnnyfrm.ppx" file data has been corrupted or it's information has been altered/replaced by a third party, we recommend you unplug the machine immediately, opening the file may lead to unknown glitches and errors in the levels, if you do want to continue, however, we warn you that the machine could suffer major changes and, at it's worse case, a complete shutdown, deleting all valuable information in it. do you still wish to continue?

Sophie says that she doesn't want to start over, as she doesn't want to play "that clown level" again. She decides to proceed, even with the possibility of glitches and errors in the levels, but not before some strange eyes appear replacing the No button for a split second. As Sophie begins to walk around in the farm the grey rabbit can be seen hiding again behind a different tree, this time above the fence on the top of the map. In the animal pen on the top of the map, on top of Holly, what appear to be legs, quite possibly Felix's legs can be seen. Billy's sprite is also seen glitched before Sophie walks to the right then back, where Billy's sprite is now magically fixed. Sophie interacts with a board and is greeted by a bunch of notes explaining how to play the game, over top a red background. In the background a red figure wearing what seems to be a farmer's hat can be seen. Sophie exits this menu and continues walking around a bit. She walks over to the statue shown before, which now reads :

He promised to take care of the 2 kids during that day, he told the parents everything was okay

It's sad that we cant remember you Sophie.

But soon we'll be together, forever and ever :)


The two lovely red children

May 13th 1962 - May 2nd 1974

August 23rd 1965 - May 2nd 1974

An ominous message from the two Red Children, Edd and Molly, to their big sister Sophie.

Sophie continues to wander around before the footage cuts to her in front of Banny's level, but just before it cuts, we can see a hatless version of Bon with big eyes hiding behind a tree. Sophie then selects Banny's level.

Banny’s Minigame - Hippo House

The cover image for Banny's Minigame.

Sophie is shown the loading screen, featuring Banny next to a bunch of pigs and the text "Hippo House" on the top. Sophie says "Those are pigs", likely referencing that there are no hippos.

A cutscene plays where Banny points out the pretty farm place, before a house character named Holly appears, to which Banny points out the pretty house girl. it should be noted in the background on the left, Bon can be seen, albeit it is hard to see him. Holly asks if they are there to care for the pigs, to which Bon tries to say yes, but is cut off. Banny enthusiastically responds to this. Holly states that she must not open the cages unless Holly tells her to. She then talks about how it would be funny to open the cages, and she does so. A small scene shows a few 3d modelled pigs approaching the Hippo House. During this scene, on the right of the house, the face of Susan Woodings can be seen before it disappears. The game goes back to the barn scene, with Bon moved to the right of the screen much more visible this time. Holly asks Banny what she did and exclaims that the pigs escaped to the hippo house. Banny apologizes stating that she was only trying to help. Bon calls Banny a dumb bunny. Holly explains how the game minigame works, being that Sophie must go around through different doors to catch the pigs. Before the cutscene ends, Animatronic bon in the background disappears, but a white figure with a hat appears on the left of the barn, likely representing the player, as well as a missing persons poster for Jack Walten.

The game starts in a living room with two hippo children, a tall sleeping hippo, Banny, and the horse girl. There are three doors in the back of the room, one with a blue lock, one with a green lock, and one with a red lock. The doors might possibly be a reference to the backdoors. On the right of these doors there are two pictures of the hippo family. On the bottom right there is a table which has a lamp, and a bottle of pills, referencing Sophie's pills. The blue key is behind the couch which has the sleeping hippo, meaning Sophie cannot get it. Sophie grabs a bucket of what seems to be food, and places it in front of the hippo, causing it to get up and letting Sophie push the couch. Sophie responds to this with "Holy shit that worked!" before grabbing the blue key. She goes to the blue door with the key before the scene changes to a strange room, almost like a corridor. After walking around a bit the footage cuts out for a second, when it returns the player bumps into a shadow figure, causing the screen to go black.

The player is returned to the first room, but it has a few changes. The Hippo children are now missing their eyes, the pill bottle is gone, the only animated character is holly, one of the images for the hippo family is replaced by a picture of Felix, and the red key is out in the open. Sophie reacts confused, and grabs the key, but as she does this, Banny's face goes from her normal peppy expression to a strange almost dizzy expression, as if gasping for air. Sophie goes through the red door. It should be noted that she never enters the green door in the game.

The red door leads to a room with a conveyer going to the right, preventing Sophie from getting to the other side, which has a pig. On the right a piece of the Felix picture from before remains on screen. A puzzle lies in from of Sophie, which she realizes must be solved in order to stop the conveyer from moving so she can catch the pig. The puzzle involves trying to sort the pieces of a picture on the right order, the picture of which shows Bon, Banny, Sha, Boozoo, Billy, and oddly Rocket who is hiding behind them. Whilst solving the puzzle, Sophie mentions how the unknown error might have been something or someone telling her something or to do something, and that she talks to herself a lot. Upon solving the puzzle, the game shows an image of a bloody Banny, then an image of the employees only door, then the text Susan Woodings. The game then plays an audio log from the mentioned Susan Woodings. She explains how strange the week is, and that she finds it weird that the place opened upon whilst Mr. Walten (Jack Walten) is missing, noting how Rosemary comes in asking if they have seen him, and that Felix seems worried as well, before she talks about the party. She says how the first birthday party went well, but noted some irregularities with the animatronics, and how as the one who built the animatronics, it was easier for her to note it. She says how Bon especially has had stiff movements and has had problems especially in his right arm. She says that Chris left a few hours ago, and that Felix didn't even show up. She then says how she will go and repair Bon, that it should be easy and it shouldn't take too long, glitching the background and her voice before it goes to black. During this scene a few images show up of Jack Walten, the restaurant, Banny and Bon, and backstage door when she mentions them.

A new scene appears representing the Bon's Burgers Backstage, featuring animatronics and animatronic parts. The player plays as a purple character (likely banny) with Susan's face plastered on top. The player grabs the wrench and walks over to bon, where his face disappears and the background changes to Bon standing in the backroom. It then changes to Bon grabbing at Susan as the image glitches out, before showing Susan's face as the eyes images fall down below the screen. The player is shown a stretched and distorted image of Susan as a strange sound plays. She is changed to a graphic version of her with bloodshot eyes whilst a much more creepy and distorted audio clip plays. After this, Banny overlays Susan, showing only her eyes.

The game starts back with Bon as the player. Sophie picks up a gift, which shows Susan slumped in a corner of a room, with text in the bottom left saying "I am still alive / but I cant move / and I'm having trouble breathing / and my stomach feels weird". After this, the player takes the gift and it is put in Banny, who then goes from standing still with her usual expression to a version with dilated pupils, and she seems to start breathing ruggedly. A win screen comes from the top left corner with the text saying "great job SOAPIE!! YOU JUST MADE SUSAN BEAUTIFUL!!!!". A bit later the head of Banny appears on the screen slowly fading away, revealing Susan's face, before what remains of Banny disappears, and after a bit, Susan's head disappears as well.

After the minigame is finished, a few changes can be noted, such as Billy being missing, the notice board being missing, the mailbox has changed positions and no longer has Pete written on it, there are fewer animals in the pen next to the starting area where Holly is standing, the strange creature next to Holly is missing, Pete is missing, the music is much slower then before, a bucket of water which was next to Sha is missing for some reason, and in the bottom left of the map, there is a missing persons poster of Susan Woodings, and behind a tree in the bottom left, a shadowy figure can be seen. As Sophie walks around near the bottom of the map, in the same area where the white bear from earlier was seen, the grey rabbit is seen walking upwards before Sophie walks away. Sophie talks about what she experienced was scary and that it seemed to be talking about an event. She thinks that the pills she was taking was making her unable to remember the things she is being told. After a while she goes over to the mailbox, which shows a few images like before, but eventually it changes to something different. A bunch of notes from a woman named Linda. The pages are the following:

Linda KRANKEN THOMPSON do not touch (Thompson written with a red pen.)






OCTOBER 30TH, 1964 Felix has been acting very weird lately. He's been drinking more than usual. I am very worried about him. I don't know what to do. He came home at 4AM, he was crying, he seemed very unstable and stressed. I don't know what to do





AUGUST 24, 1965 I know I haven't talked here as much as I used to. This month has been so so so so crazy, I moved in with Felix last week, he was very happy about it. Yesterday, Jack and Rose had their third child. A little girl! Her name is Molly, Molly Walten. Jack and Felix have been pitching up the "restaurant idea" with a company that's interested in the project. The name's "Cyberfun Tech"



DECEMBER 26, 1970 Christmas was nice, they built a doll, a grey rabbit, for Edd and Molly, Molly named it Rocket. Felix drank a lot yesterday. This has been a problem for a while. He is a good person but he doesn't wanna address this. It's getting worse and worse but he doesn't notice. He feels bad about it but doesn't try to change.

JANUARY 3RD, 1973 It's getting worse, he's so submerged with their project that he doesn't realize how much damage he's doing to himself, how much damage he's doing to me. He keeps going places only to drink, sometimes he even stays at the warehouse for the sole purpose of drinking, but he doesn't listen, he never listens, I don't know what to do.





















(May 2nd, 1974) DEAR FELIX: by the time you're reading this I shouldn't be home. I know you're confused, I'm confused too. What you said to me last week hurt me a lot but it opened my eyes. Hopefully, this opens your eyes too. Our relationship isn't healthy, it never was. I'm leaving brighton this morning. You're in the warehouse with Jack and the others as I'm writing this. By the time you're reading this, I'll already be in Hurricane.

I know you are busy today doing Jack a favour (something related to a school party. I cant remember) but please go there when you have the time. As to me, ill try to build my own life while I still can, you should do that too. I love you Goodbye. -Linda (in red) i am sorry, Linda. i am so sorry

(in red) i am sorry












As she reads the May 2ND pages Sophie says "I shouldn't be reading this". After she reads all of it she goes back to the original page, before she walks around again. Holly strangely is gone, and we can now see on the structure behind her, an image of two red figures next to a car can be seen, which was shown before in The Mysterious House. It should also be noted that there are now no animals in the pen above. Behind a tree in the pen a red figure is now visible. She then goes to Boozoo, entering his minigame.

Boozoo's Minigame - Lily's Birthday (REQUIRES POLISHING)

The cover image for Boozoo's minigame.

Boozoo appears on a red background, asking if Bon is there to help set up Lily's Birthday Party. He disappears for a moment and a face appears in the background, before quickly Boozoo re-appears, closer than before. Talking about how he needs to set up the games for the party, and tells Bon that he should help set up the game, and that it could be lots of fun. He disappears, along side the red background and face. A stretched version of the face appears for a split second on the left.

Bon appears in a room filled with presents and cake. The sound of a birthday jingle can be heard. Bon walks around before going to the bottom right of the room where one of a few figures is found. All the figures seem to be identical in appearance, and seem to be a small white figure with a face edited on top, but it is impossible to tell exactly what it is. She interacts with the figure, showing a text box on the bottom of the screen with a distorted face as a bugged sound plays until the text box disappears Sophie talks about how the game must be trying to tell her something and that she probably is being told about how these people died. She interacts with another figure on the bottom right, and the same text box appears. She looks at a few other figures, before she walks to the top of the room and interacts with some curtains. The screen slowly fades to black, and at the end, a figure overlaps Bon. A strange music box like theme can be heard, as Bon slowly fades onto the screen, before it suddenly stops and Bon disappears, before Bon re-appears, the theme slightly played but cuts off almost instantly, showing Bon on the bottom right with Boozoo. Bon touches Boozoo and he turns into a red figure. After this Boozoo appears on screen calling everyone to step right up to see entertainment like they never have seen before. The game transitions to the first game.

It should be noted as the minigame loads in, due to an error by Martin Walls, a bit of the code is shown on screen for a split second. This is just an error and NOT canon to the Walten Files lore in any way.

The first game is Memorize, which is a simple memory game where you must take a look at a bunch of images when sort them in pairs. Sophie does Sha first, and gets it right. Boozoo strikes a pose and congratulates Sophie for getting it right as the game plays a little jingle. Sophie accidentally gets two of the characters wrong and Boozoo gives a disappointed look and an "Ohhh dear..." as the music cuts out, before the cards are hidden again and Boozoo goes back to his normal pose as the game music continues. Sophie gets Billy right this time, and Boozoo congratulates her. She tries to sort two of the Boozoo images, but it doesn't work, likely because two of the Boozoo images specifically go together. She fits two Boozoo images differently and Boozoo says she got it right. She tries to sort the other two Boozoo images, and after the second image fights back, when it opens, revealing the second Boozoo, the game still acts as if Sophie got it wrong. Sophie tries again, and after a few tries of the door refusing to open, when it does it reveals a black and white distorted face with a red background. The music stops, Boozoo strikes his incorrect pair pose, but Boozoo suddenly appears in front of the puzzle stating Bon won the game, complimenting how good he was at the game, before transitioning to the next game, Spot The Differences.

Spot The Differences involves you be given two images, with the second one being slightly different than the first image. You must spot all of the differences in order to move on to the next image. Once all of the images are complete, you win. The first image is relatively normal, with the only oddity being that sometimes Boozoo's sounds overlap, but it is nothing to special. The image is of Pete in a grassy area with an apple tree. In the second image is Bon in a snowy forest area. The thing is though, in the difference image, a human figure is in the background, which seems to be the same shape as Jack Walten's cartoon character. The third image is Billy playing with some dolls. The thing is though, there are two oddities in this image. The blue figure Billy was holding turns completely black, which could possibly represent Felix being the shadow man, as Felix was wearing blue as show in the video, but this could just be a coincidence. The second oddity is the most important one, as the two green smiling figures on the bottom right turn red and are frowning. Upon clicking them the game glitches out and it cuts to the 4th image suddenly. The final image shows an image of a person, likely Charles, though this is currently unconfirmed. The difference image though shows this person bloodied and mangled. Sophie frantically presses on any part of the images getting correct and incorrect responses. The images constantly glitch as the game bugs out, before animatronic Boozoo appears, saying it's time for the prizes as the unknown man's face appears on screen before it cuts to black.

You end up back in the previous room, where a present lies on the table instead of a cake. The player is now a faceless Boozoo, and they walk up and interact with the present. This causes two eyes to appear on the screen as loud dramatic music plays. After a while the full face of the unknown man, mangled and distorted is revealed. A voice plays saying "Missing 07-14" plays over and over again getting louder and louder before the face disappears. It changes into a bloody animatronic Boozoo and frantic breathing can be heard. What sounds like footsteps getting closer plays as the person breathing gasps before it cuts to black, revealing the animatronic head but with bloody human eyes and teeth as the voice says "Missing" over and over again frantically as panicked music plays, before the head disappears leaving the eyes and teeth, before they disappear as well. Eventually, a distorted face of the unknown man appears, and if subtitles are turned on, it says "I can't remember my face", which is likely due to the person having their face badly mangled.

After this, Sophie is placed back in the barn, but more things are different. The mailbox, chair, and flower pots in the starting area are missing. More missing posters are placed around, the well looks up at Sha from a distance, the bottom left of the map is broken and glitchy, with the door to the house being replaced by the employees only door, a fence is open in the top right of the map, the poster showing two red figures and a car from before is replaced by an image of the grey rabbit, the windmill has stopped moving. the tables and decorations where boozoo were are now gone, and more are present. On the top right of the statue, a distorted figure of Bryan can be seen in pain. Sophie talks about how she realizes that all of these people must have died horrifically, and that she remembers them from her childhood. Sophie decides to play Sha's minigame next, and as she enters the level, the loading screen only flickers on for a split second, showing Sha in a distorted background looking sad.

Sha's Minigame - Hide and Seek

The cover of Sha's Minigame that only appears full size for a split second.

The cutscene puts Sha in a forest with a red sky, looking distorted and more like her animatronic form. She comments about how this place is "So beautiful", before greeting/asking Bon what he is doing there. Bon says he was just checking up on Sha. Sha she has already done all her tasks, before Bon asks if she would like to play a game. Animatronic Bon appears on screen as Sha says it's a great idea. Bon decides to play hide and seek and Sha decides to hide first. As she says this a room, seemingly the backroom based upon the characters on the walls and later events appears with the corner in darkness. A countdown starts, and once it ends text appears saying "Seek!" along side an image of Sha in a burger on a red background, before the player is placed as Bon in a sort of overworld.

There are three locations, a forest at the top, a garden on the bottom left with yellow flowers around it, and a chicken coop at the bottom right. On the top left of the screen a white figure which is ShowBear is present. On the top right, two graves labeled E and M are present. Sophie first tries to look in the forest. An image of a forest, possibly Saint Juana's Forest appears whilst a jingle plays. The text "Nothing to see here!" appears before going back to the overworld, where the flowers that were present in front of the garden change to red roses. ShowBear is gone, and the graves have the two red figures on top of them. Bon selects the garden, which shows an open area. A distorted face of Rosemary can be seen on the bottom left, and in the background Animatronic Sha can be seen. The text again states "Nothing to see here!" before it goes back to the game. The flowers move over to the chicken coop. It should also be noted that the symbol on the chicken coop is changed to that seems to the the shadow man. The two red figures are replaced by the grey rabbit. Bon selects the chicken coop which shows a chicken coop with what appears to be a missing poster on the ground, and farm animals can be heard. Sha is selected by Sophie and a congratulations message appears! Sha appears dismembered just like that of Rosemary, as she exclaims "You found me!". Sha appears in the garden, no longer in the background but instead close up to the screen, and she says "That was fun, how about you hide now?" Another countdown happens, at the end darkening. An image appears saying "Hide!" with Sha and Bon together with the same red background before gameplay starts.

More changes are shown, as the flowers have moved up to the forest area, and Bon's face is distorted. Sophie chooses to hide in the forest, to which she sees a dark forest environment similar to the one in the intro, but with no red sky. Harsh panicked and creepy music plays as animatronic Sha gets closer and closer to the camera, and once she gets up close she asks, "Am I still beautiful to you, Sophie?" the last part glitching out. This is the first time the game calls her Sophie instead of Soapie. The face of Rosemary appears distorted in black and white as Sophie gasps and says "I remember you" before she is cut off with Sha saying "Found yo-" cut off again by a new scene with a red background showing an employees only door. Text appears saying "I know where he is, Rosie" and "Follow me".

The count down goes again, at the end cutting to black for a few seconds before loud screeching music plays as the backstage image is shown, eventually with blood and an image of Sha. but with the distorted image of Rosemary on the face, on the side saying "Hold up there! You can't enter this level yet! First you have to" the rest being redacted, along side a part of her face. Subtitles state "MISSING: Rosemary Walten LAST SEEN: 07-19-1974" The screaming of Rosemary can be heard in the background as it cuts over to Sha, who shakes a little bit before blood appears all over her as she violently shakes and turns, eventually glitching into a red figure. The game audio bugs out, Sophie panics exclaiming "Holy shit...holy shit!" as the other's death scenes re-appear a few times in the order of Susan/Banny, Charles/Boozoo, Ashley/Billy, and then back to Rosemary/Sha. This happens a few times before going back to the title screen, showing the Bon face in grey scale, almost crying from it's right eye, with two red figures flickering a few times, before the whole game goes to black.

ShowBear's "Minigame" - The Well (REQUIRES POLISHING)

The well ShowBear emerges from.

The scene changes to a well which has been shown a few times, though never interacted with until now. The well looks left and right before eventually looking directly at the viewer. Beautiful music can be heard in the background until ShowBear fully comes out. ShowBear says "Come one and Come all, Welcome to my magic fountain of Memories. Step right up and remember your most repressed memories and prepare to be amazed by my magic. Tell me, what is it you would like to remember?" A piece of BSI branded paper appears saying "Funny Mail Message! Write something nice for Bon!". Sophie writes "Who are you?" ShowBear appears on screen for a second, but doesn't answer. Sophie then draws two red stick figures, saying "Here goes nothing". ShowBear is close up for a second before disappearing. The audio glitches as the whole scene goes red. It then goes black.

The game shows an image of a house with two red figures in front of it with the date 05/02/1974. It shows a corn maze with ShowBear in the darkness. The grey rabbit appears on screen, saying he is so glad Bon is helping clean the corn maze. He glitches away and reappears squished before being cut off by a phone call between Felix and Jack. The Phone Call goes:

Felix: Hello?

Jack: Felix

Felix: Jack? What is it?

Jack: listen. I was wondering if you could do me and rose a small favor tonight

Felix: Uh…I…I don’t know jack, today has been uh

Jack: Please it’s about Edd and Molly. They have a school event tonight, a school party and they have no one to pick them up. I need to stay at the workshop to finish the paperwork and Rose is taking Sophie to the dentist. We were wondering if you could pick them up to the event and take them home later.

Felix: T-t-tonight?

Jack: Yeah, if it’s possible of course.

Felix: sure, I can do that

Jack: Really?

Felix: Yeah sure

Jack: ah, thanks a bunch man, you’re a life saver Felix

Felix: heh its nothing

Jack: alright so, come pick them up at 5 and get them home at 9. Rose should be home by then if she’s not, you call me. got it?

Felix: got it

The scene changes to a Corn-maze. Showbear says "Be wary, for this memory seems to be buried deep within your mind. You must find them Sophie". Sophie talks to herself for a bit, before ShowBear appears beside Bon, laying down a present, before going back into the darkness. Sophie picks up the present, which shows a poster for a school spring party. Bon starts moving around, ShowBear following behind for a bit before getting lost in the darkness. Eventually two red children go up and walk around Bon, before the audio breaks as the footage cuts a bunch, eventually ending at a car, before a bedroom is shown. The bedroom has the two red figures.

The bedroom.

The conversation between Edd and Molly goes:

May 2nd 1974 17:20 PM

Edward: We need to get ready for the school party, Molly. Come on

Molly: I'll be ready in a minute Edd, I'm looking for rocket

Edward: That old doll? forget about it. We need to get ready. Uncle Felix will be here any minute

"That's... Edd and Molly..." - Sophie in the background.

Felix: (He does say something at this point, I just couldn't see it, if someone figures it out please add it.)

Molly: Found it! We can go now.

Upon realizing who it is Sophie sounds relieved, but saddened. After this an image of a car appears before showing some footage of driving down a road, before transitioning to the next section.

Bon appears in The School, specifically at 21:37 (9:37). The School features a bunch of tabled, celebration stuff, and a few shadowy figures. After a bit Rocket comes up and tells Bon to follow and to go "over here". A while later Bon goes through a wall, and when coming out of the wall, it turns into Edd and Molly. After a while they find Rocket.

Edward: Alright, we finally found Rocket, now can we leave?

Molly: Yeah, the school looks very creepy at night, where is uncle Felix anyways?

Edward: he should be somewhere around here. we should look for him

After they pick him up they decide to leave, and wonder where Felix is. Everything disappears expect Rocket, who turns red before it goes back to the school scene. Edd and Molly walk into the Drinking Zone, where they find Felix.

Edward (?) : Uncle Felix? what are you doing here?

Molly (?) : this is a drinking zone, you shouldn't be dri |

Felix: It's okay, I'm really just feeling a little dizzy. It's getting very late. Your parents must be worried. Let's | (in red text)

ShowBear says "Felix sure did drink a lot that day". Edd and Molly ask what he is doing there before it cuts to some text where Felix says he is fine and that it's getting late so they should go home. The car reappears as showbear states "Watch" before the screen goes black.

The car is driving through the night as the following conversation goes on.

TIME: May 2nd, 1974 at 21:53

Edward: How much is left ‘till we get home

Felix: Not much I’m just… I’m just kinda lost I think

Molly: uncle Felix? Were you drinking? Our teacher says drinking is not good

Felix: No no no, I’m just. I’m just feeling dizzy it’s not that big of a deal, alright?

Edward: Alright

Molly: I wanna go home

Felix: Molly we’re almost there

Edward: Don’t you think you’re driving too fast?

Felix: Look I’m just… I’m just trying to get you two home quickly, alright? Look I’m sorry. I’m not feeling too good right now and I just want to lay in bed (audio “and go to sleep”)

*The subtitles after this are “It’s all your fault” 5x*

Molly: It’s alright, we get that today wasn’t the best for you! We understand! Everything will be okay!

Felix: Hehe, thanks Molly.

After this, The sounds of a swerving car and crash is heard as the car looks to flip. An ending screen says "Bad Ending! Oh no! You got the bad ending! You couldn't finish the barn tasks in time!!" as distorted red figures appear on the screen. The message changes to "Bad Ending! You crashed the car! You killed them!!" Felix can be heard screaming and crying before Rocket appears staring at the screen, then going to black. A forest is shown on the screen, with Rocket laying limp. Showbear appears and says : "They didn't go home that night / He buried them here. He was too scared / but they found a way out eventually". The two red children slowly go over to Rocket and enter him. Slowly Rocket gets up before disappearing. The phone rings again, before the answering machine responds, stating Felix has 25 new messages, before the message plays.

Jack Walten:


pick up the phone, now.

I need you to pick up the phone

It’s been three hours since I told you to get Edd and Molly Home

What happened to my children?

If anything happened Felix you must tell me

You haven’t called me in three hours I need to know what is going on

I’ve tried to call you all night

what the hell is wrong with you?

I… I’ve been trying to contact you all night

I’ve been calling everyone for you

Just what the hell is wrong with you?

3 hours, you didn’t call

I asked you to do one simple favor for me

I need to know where are they

where did you- *beep*

After the call finishes Showbear says "But that's not all, is it? There's still something you forgot to remember. They've been waiting for you, Sophie." (Sophie only shows up in the subtitles). The video transitions to a scene as sad and dramatic music can be heard in the background where a faceless Bon walks to Banny, Boozoo, and Sha and interacts with Banny, which causes the background music to stop. Each of them shows strange black and white images of people. This goes on for a while, eventually, Bon comes and touches the player which causes a strange face to appear in the center as a distorted version of 'Daisy Bell' starts playing as Bon appears behind it, before suddenly showing a bloody version of Bon, then shows Bon shaking as two children glitching in and out of him. Bon grabs at his head before it cuts to Rocket sitting calmly on a chair with a white background. The two faces of Edd and Molly appear in the background as the audio glitches, before the screen goes black. The code of the Guilty YouTube link appears on screen for a split second at the end before the credits roll. (DTYwsiz09I)

Beta Content

Early Gameplay:

Unused Scenes: Bon's Burger's show room: This is shown in a few places. Originally instead of fully drawn scenes the entire scene was supposed to be pixilated. You could also wander around and possibly interact with the characters. It should be noted that the employee's only door is different. This was likely intentional however as later in another scene the current sprite is used.

Early Farm: The farm is shown to be much more different. Whilst the whole place cant be seen there are some major differences (TO BE ADDED)

Unused Billy Minigame: There appears to be an unused version of Billy's Minigame, requiring you to go on selected green squares. Not much seems to be known about this room. Bon is seen holding a present in Footage.

Green Key Room: Bon is seen at one point in Bon's Burgers with the backstage door and Banny, holding a green key. Not much is known about this room

Pig Pen: An area of the farm is shown with Banny and Holly in front of a house next to a pen with pigs.

Unused Sprites:

Early Billy Sprite: As seen in early videos Billy used a different sprite than what is seen today. It is unknown why this was changed, but it could be possible that this was due to the original sprite being lost.

Early Boozoo Sprite?: Boozoo appears to have a different sprite than the final version.

Unused Images:

Jeremy Birthday card: There is an unused image.

Birthday Image: An unused image of the Showstoppers surrounding a cake with lit candles

Bloody Bon: There is an unused image of Bon covered in blood over a white background

Rocket Poster: An unused image shows Rocket in a pristine state. Possibly for a poster.

Sad Red Face: A frowning version of someone, possibly Brian in red.

3D Bon: A 3d Model of Bon, not the same as in the Fatal error screen.

Brian Image: An image of Brian. Sadly only seen in Commercial and is partially blocked by Sophie.

Bloody Brian: A bloody and eyeless version of Brian likely to show his death. The image appears to be shiny. It should be noted however, that this isn't technically unused. It appears at one point as a silhouette in the main barn, though this was supposed to be used in an unused scene.

Bon: A non bloody version of Bon mentioned before.

Bon and Sha Animatronics: Images of Bon and Sha on a white background.

Blood Face: A bloody low quality face.

Dot Banny: A Face of Banny made with Dots.

Low Quality Billy: A lower quality image of Billy.

Unused Story: Brian: Brian was originally supposed to have a much larger role in BunnyFarm, as shown in multiple teasers and images.

Unused Audio/Soundtrack: Different Footsteps sounds "It Begins" music track. "Rocket Bunny" music track. "Broken Memories" music track? (Is this used?) "Only Bad Thoughts Consume You" music track?


Title Screen: Originally the title screen used a much more different looking image of Bon, for unknown reasons this was changed.

File Selection Screen: Originally the file selection screen was much more different. Likely this was changed to make it look less crowded and more understandable.


  • BunnyFarm is the longest installment of the series, nearing an hour in length.
  • The game's opening theme is the Morse Code for SOS with a beat.
    • "It Begins", one of the unused themes for BunnyFarm is the Morse code for CAR with a beat.
    • "Think Rabbit, Think" has the Morse code for HELP in the beat as well.
  • There is over 20 minutes of unused footage for the game. This has mostly not yet been shown.
  • Originally Brian was supposed to have a much larger role in BunnyFarm, but due to issues he was mostly cut excluding some side mentions of him. More info in the Beta Content section.