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Boozoo's Ghosts is a non-canonical tape released to celebrate Christmas. It is a parody of the 1843 novella, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

It's runtime clocks in at about 39 minutes and 27 seconds.


Boozoo's Ghosts is a story about Ebenezer Boozoo, a grumpy old man who doesn't understand the meaning of Christmas. Boozoo's Ghosts opens with Banny cleaning Boozoo's store. She accidentally knocks over a mug while cleaning, causing Boozoo to fuss at her, deducting the mug from her pay, despite the fact that he doesn't pay her. Banny protests that its Christmas but Boozoo stays firm, stating that he doesn't believe in the holiday.

The scene then cuts to someone knocking on the door. Boozoo reluctantly answers, and Hidie is shown at the door. Hidie asks for him to donate to the poor, reaching out a cup that says "Help the poor." Boozoo steals the money from the mug, citing the fact that because he is the owner of the store, he can do whatever he wants. He then shuts the door on Hidie.

Boozoo goes to sleep in his bed, leaving the door open. He suddenly awakens to loud music playing from the main part of the store. As he opens the door, he discovers three presents under a Christmas tree, and also some disturbing faces on the furniture. Hesitantly opening the present in the middle, he picks up an odd clown doll, which he leads him to Sad, The Ghost of the Past Experiences. Sad confronts Boozoo about his selfish, greedy behavior through both speech and song. Boozoo is quick to deny that he has done anything wrong, seemingly completely unaware of his terrible actions. This enrages Sad as he begins to cry, turning into a freakishly tall version of himself, which is now distorted and melted. He then tells Boozoo that he will see him in hell as he is escorted away. Upon this statement, Boozoo wakes up from his bed, and makes a remark on how scary his 'nightmare' was.

Suddenly, a door with The Jolly Ghost of Present Times' face on it appears, while a music box begins to play. Boozoo opens it to see and hear several crying baby dolls, walking along until he sees a plush doll of himself. This plush is then quickly picked up by the Jolly Ghost of Present Times. She explains that his actions have already affected everyone around him, and that he will end up killing everyone with his greed and selfishness. She then tells him to press the button on her toy TV, which then shows Banny, who is in her house with nothing to feed her starving siblings. Boozoo explains that he never wanted any of this, but Jolly states that it doesn't matter now, since everything has already taken place, and that he has wasted most of his time.

Boozoo asks what is inside the presents that appear to be staring directly at him. They are then revealed to be metaphors of his ignorance as they say fragments of lines that he has previously said. As he pleads for them to stop, they melt and die, along with Jolly.

Soon after the encounter with Jolly, Boozoo meets Mortality, after picking up a plush toy. Mortality informs him that he has no time left, and that he is ready to take his life. Despite Boozoo's pleas, Mortality does not listen, showing him a door with the rabbit's likeness on it. This door escorts him to a fake reality, in which at first everything is back to normal; Banny is alive, Boozoo is wearing a suit, and he is not dead. However, this reality quickly fades as Banny glitches out and then disintegrates into the ground, dying. Hidie knocks on the door and hands Boozoo an invitation to his own funeral before dying just like Banny. The entire room begins to drip a black substance as it is quickly being filled completely by darkness. Mortality then rushes to the camera through the window, laughing menacingly.

Boozoo closes his eyes, and when he opens them he is greeted by a black void, along with Mortality. The now bloodied rabbit begins to taunt Boozoo, saying that his time is now up. A younger Boozoo suddenly shows up, asking Mortality if he can take him back to his home, but instead he disintegrates and kills him in front of his older self. Both the Sad Ghost of Past Experience and the Jolly Ghost of Present Times show up to witness Boozoo's "demise." He begs them for help, but they stand in unwavering silence. Morality then gives Boozoo a gift, a ticking alarm clock. As soon as the alarm clock goes off, Morality appears behind Boozoo and kills him in the same way he killed his past self.

After Morality kills Boozoo, the scene changes to day, where it is revealed that he was found mysteriously dead in his bed. His corpse was so gruesome that it could not be shown on YouTube, being covered in a black box. The story ends with the narrator telling everyone watching to be a good person and respect Christmas, so not to end up like Boozoo.


  • Although Boozoo's face is censored near the end of the video, the censor disappears before his face fully fades away, leaving his bloodied face visible.