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Boozoo is an animatronic and one of the four Showstoppers of Bon's Burgers.


Boozoo is one of the four original members of the Showstoppers, and most likely one of the original prototypes of the minds of Felix Kranken and Jack Walten. He, alongside with his other band mates, were shipped to the K-9 Facility as a part of the Relocate Project, in the hopes that a new Bon’s Burgers location would open. However, as of recent, he has yet to be given a proper repair, as the three BSI technicians that were hired to repair him and the other animatronics did not seem to have the proper equipment, parts, and sufficient time to properly fix him. It is not known whether he is possessed by anyone, but it is assumed and theorized that he contains the ghost of Charles.



Many of his appearances throughout the tape consist of a human at roughly the same height as the other Showstoppers, with brunette hair and a brown handlebar moustache. His outfit is similar to that of a magician, including a black top hat, bowtie, red jacket, white gloves, and pants. His voice is deep, with a slight British accent.

In BunnyFarm, however, his appearance changes. His usual outfit is replaced with a white short-sleeved shirt and blue suspenders, and now does not have gloves on. His hat and bowtie remain.


With the elements and trauma getting to him, Boozoo’s arms and legs are now exposed and his jacket now torn. Wires appear from his left arm.

Company Introductory Tape

Tape #1:

Boozoo is the first animatronic to be seen performing in the introductory tape, singing “The Sun Has Got His Hat On,” and is the background voice for “How Much is That Doggie in the Window” and “Old Macdonald Had a Farm.” He is not seen anywhere else in this tape.

Tape #2: Little Bon’s Neighbourhood

Boozoo, along with Sha and Billy, have been invited by Bon to have a movie night and sleepover. However, when he is listed the second time, his name is pronounced “Boo-zoo.” He and his friends had a blast when watching the movie that Bon spent all of his money on. In his last appearance in Tape #2 he is the first one shown to be asleep amongst the group, laying to the left of Billy.

Tape #3:

He is not shown

Relocate Project

Tape #1:

After the closure of Bon’s Burgers he is seen as a plushie, as proof that BunnySmiles Inc. had other business ventures besides the main restaurant location.

Tape #3:

Boozoo is seen in a series of images that preceded the intro for the Technical Support video. He is also seen once again seen as a plushie, as part of the prizes and merchandise that were stored in the second door of the K-9 Facility.

Tape #4:

Boozoo is seen as part of the failures of the Relocate Project, and due to damaged parts, faulty endoskeletons, and lack of time, he was unable to be completed. One of his replacement heads is found by Ashley Parks in either room 26 or 27 of the Backdoors, amongst other replacement parts. Finally, on Billy’s tape that Ashley finds on the floor, the name “Charles” can be heard, an implication that someone named Charles is inhabiting Boozoo.

At the end credits, a teaser for BunnyFarm, the third Walten Files Video, he can be seen at the far right of the barn in his overalls outfit.

Boozoo’s Ghosts

Boozoo reappears as the main character, under the name of “Ebenezer Boozoo,” the counterpart of A Christmas Carol’s Ebenezer Scrooge. He was considered selfish, rude, and hated Christmas. He was the proud owner of a toy shop, which all children loved his various toys, allowing him to gain a lot of money, especially during the holiday season.

The story begins on Christmas Eve, where he appears to investigate the noise and see that his co-worker Banny broke a mug. He calls her incompetent and taking the money off of her pay to make up for the damages. Even despite it being the only profession where Banny can get money for her family, Boozoo doesn’t believe in the concepts of Christmas and commands her to get back to work. Later in the evening, he receives a visitor, a child asking for money for the poor on Christmas. Rather than donating, he instead takes the money from the donation jar, stating that since he is in his store, he can do whatever he so pleases, and he wasn’t going to give money to anyone, especially on Christmas.

That night, he tries to go to bed, expecting Christmas Day to not be as eventful. However, he is awoken in the middle of the night to loud music. He goes downstairs to investigate, and finds a decorated Christmas tree, bewildering him. Regardless, he takes and opens one of the gifts, revealing a small clown toy, then turns around to see a door leading to the first of three ghosts to visit him, though he considers it a prank.

The Sad Ghost of Past Experiences

Boozoo knocks on the door to demand that they open it up, though he hears the cries of an infant and goes inside to investigate. There, he sees a present, and inside it is the Sad Ghost of Past Experiences (who is heavily based off of Billy). He asks him his reason as to why he is here, to which the ghost replies that Boozoo is a bad person, who steals, lies, and is selfish. Ironically, Boozoo lies about the accusations, and by lying about his belief that he isn’t lying. The Sad Ghost then sings a song, telling Boozoo to accept his mistakes. Boozoo tries to reject this advice, to which the Sad Ghost reveals Boozoo’s past: he had a mediocre childhood, and on one Christmas, he was never given any presents, and as a result he has not celebrated Christmas since. Boozoo, terrified, asks how he had known this, and the Ghost says that even though he has made mistakes, there is still time for him to change. However, Boozoo does not accept any of this, and keeps to his idea that he isn’t lying. The Sad Ghost begins to cry, and states that two more ghosts will visit him, and if he does not change the errors of his ways, he’ll “see him in hell.”

The Jolly Ghost of Present Times

Boozoo wakes up from his encounter of the Sad Ghost, relieving that he was out of his bad dream. When he gets up, he immediately hears laughter. After this, he sees the second door of the ghost who will visit him. He enters, and is surrounded by toys, most likely the ones that he had made himself. He then sees a plush version of himself, to which it is picked up by the second ghost, The Jolly Ghost of Present Paths (who heavily represents Sha from the canon tapes). He asks who she is, and she replies with her name, stating that she can show the consequences of his actions, and the representation of his greed, though “nowhere near as ugly.” Boozoo asks what she wants to show him, and seeing the television, which is the Jolly Ghost’s favorite, he presses the button as told, and sees the house where Banny lives, and is told that due to taking money out of her pay, she is unable to provide for her family and is even unable to give them presents for Christmas. He realizes the errors of his ways and didn’t want any of this, but Jolly says that it doesn’t matter, stating that his greed not only affects what little time he has left, but also affects others, as soon Banny’s family will die if he doesn’t do anything. Boozoo then sees two presents, and is shown Ignorance and Want, which Jolly warns of them, and that they are dying, all by Boozoo’s hands. They then recite the insults that Boozoo hurled earlier that day, and despite wanting them to stop, they are unfazed and get even louder, then stop, only for a few moments, only to return as they rot and die. Boozoo doesn’t want them to die, nor anyone else for that matter, demanding that the Jolly Ghost saves them. However, his actions are out of her ability to control, and soon the Jolly Ghost dies.


Boozoo meets the final ghost: Mortality (who heavily represents Bon from the canon tapes). He visits him when he looks at the room at the end of the hallway, which is darkened by a silhouette. He enters to see a wind-up toy of a rabbit. Confused, he picks it up. He becomes terrified and pleaful upon seeing the third ghost, stating that he isn’t ready to die. However, Mortality states that no one will ever be ready, and that in the end, as always, they turn into nothing. Boozoo begins to cry, and is told by Mortality that he has been in constant running, from Mortality, his actions, himself and even time. He is presented what fate belies him behind a door, and turns to ask Morality if he will be okay, only to find that he isn’t there. He opens the door and enters the blinding light, finding himself in his shop. He is elated to find that everything has returned to normal, and is delighted to see Banny. However, when he calls her name, she turns to him and is just as delighted to see him and is glad he is okay, as Banny tries to state this, her voice line glitches out, but soon rots and dies. Boozoo is terrified and confused, hearing a doorbell and seeing the kid from yesterday, asking for help. However, he is instead only given an invitation to his own funeral, stating that he was born in 1892 and died in 1964. The child, rotting, tries to reach for him, and he cowers in fear, seeing the walls and the many paintings of himself turn to blackness as it melts. He trembles and flinches upon seeing Mortality lunge for him, only to cry and wants to go home. Even knowing that his life is over, he begs to be let go. A white figure then appears, to be revealed as a young Boozoo. He begs for him to run away, but sees his childish version decay and die in agony when touched by Morality. Boozoo then sees the Sad Ghost and Jolly Ghost, but despite his pleas, they are made in vain. He asks what Mortality is going to do for him, only to be given a present. He opens it, seeing a clock that strikes midnight, indicating that his time is finally up.

Christmas Day

On the actual next day, Christmas, Boozoo was found in a bloodied mess, and no one has any idea how he exactly died, although he is gone, and that’s where the story ends. His face is for the most part censored by a black bar, but shortly before transitioning scenes, the black bar is removed, showing that even in the bloodied mess, Boozoo was smiling. The narrator hoped that the end of Boozoo was an important lesson for the children watching the video that they should be kind and always think about others.


Boozoo appears in the introductory cutscene and asks about what the special day was that Bon called all of the Showstoppers in for. Upon realizing that today was the Annual Fruit Festival, he apologizes as he forgot about the day, and is worried that the festival would be cancelled. However, he is relieved by Pete the Hippo’s offer, and happily joins the group at the farm. He is seen in the help section, stating that the most important thing the player should be having is fun.

Boozoo’s Minigame

Boozoo is located in Lily’s Birthday Party, and is happy to see Bon, asking if Bon was going to help set up the games for her party. He says that it will be lots of fun that Bon will join him in assisting the party. Afterwards, after Sophie realizes that the people that she’s encountering in the game have probably died, the Bon sprite meets Boozoo’s, which changes to a red figure and a male face. It then shifts to Boozoo introducing himself to the first section of the games, which is a Memorize. When Sophie matches correctly, he is happy that the player does well. However, upon messing up, he says “Oh dear!” There are two sets of Boozoo cards, and each pair must be matched correctly. However, when trying to do the second pair of Boozoo’s, a face is revealed instead of Boozoo’s face, and even though his animation is an incorrect, Boozoo intervenes and congratulates Sophie. He then introduces the main event, which is a Spot-The-Difference, where his voice lines can be overlapped. The first pair, containing Pete the Hippo, is normal. However, Bon’s winter picture is cut short due to the appearance of a shadowy figure. He then quickly changes it to a pair of images containing Billy playing with a toy car and people, though the second image contains two red frowning figures instead of two green happy figures. Then, he switches the pictures to that of a human male and the same human male, though bloodied, eyeless, and his jaw broken. The voice lines overlap to where a modern, withered version of Boozoo appears, congratulating the player and telling them to go to the prizes. The scene changes to where Sophie now controls the Boozoo sprite, and walks over, to where eyes backed by “Nearer My God to Thee” is shown. The eyes then reveal the rest of the face, along with the repetition of the statement “MISSING 0-7-14,” though the subtitles state “MISSING - 07-14-74.” Then, a hollowed bloodied face of Boozoo is shown, with heavy breathing, then replaced with his body whole, completed by two bloodshot blue eyes and bloodied teeth and a repetition of “MISSING.” The final is a tone of the man, though his face distorted. He says that “He can’t remember his face.” After this mini game, Boozoo is no longer there, and instead replaced by a missing poster for the same man, implied to be Charles.


After Sha writhes in pain in a bloodied mess, Charles is seen amongst the many deceased shown, including Susan Woodings and Ashley Parks. He is inside of Boozoo, still in the bloodied mess.

In Bon’s final scene, Boozoo is in between Banny and Sha, his eyes blackened out and his jaw missing. Upon inspection, a profile is shown, which shows a decayed head of Boozoo.


  • Boozoo would like classical music.[1]