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Bon is an anthropomorphic bunny animatronic and one of the four Showstoppers of Bon's Burgers. He is also the namesake of the restaurant chain.


In his intact animatronic form, Bon has a masculine humanoid figure and is completely blue- except for his chest, belly, fingers, toes, snout and the inside of his ears, which are a light off white, and his dull silver arm and leg covers. He seems to have lime green eyes. His only item of clothing is a small sized 70's style bright red bow tie and a single medium sized black button on the center of his chest right below his bowtie. He is obviously reminiscent of a bunny, sporting long droopy bunny ears and a pointed snout, lacking a normal face structure for a rabbit. He seems to have particularly sharp canine teeth on the sides and back of his jaw, which is unfitting of his bunny-like appearance.

In his damaged animatronic form, Bon is extremely broken down, his fur nearly a dark grey instead of blue, and has multiple holes throughout his body and face, including a very large one on his chest. His eyes are almost never visible in this form. He no longer has silver covers on his arms and legs, letting his animatronic casing/“skeleton” show, which is also very damaged. There is also signs of extreme erosion to the teeth, showing the metal casing behind the covering.

His cartoon form in Company Introductory Tape and Relocate Project is almost completely identical to his animatronic appearance while being more simple and cutesy. (note: his actual animatronic self is shown in relocation project, and its face resembles the actual bon to a disturbing degree)

In the Bunnyfarm game cutscenes, Bon is visibly more fluffy, is a much brighter shade of blue , and has flat buck teeth instead of sharp canines, which is more similar to a rabbit. He wears a farmers straw hat and his classic bright red bowtie, lacking his original black button placed on his chest.


While Bon's actual personality isn't explored in depth in the series, it can be deduced by his behavior in the BunnyFarm cutscenes that he is a typical protagonist character, acting sarcastic, plucky and confident. This is further confirmed on Martin Wall’s Twitter, where he describes Bon as being a “sarcastic asshole” with a “huge ego”, (see gallery below). He seems to have an odd dislike for Banny. Bon also seems to be close and gentle towards Sha, and it’s implied through many official artworks that the two were meant to be love interests of sorts in the Bon's burgers franchise canon.

Bon's actual personality in the real world is a bit complicated: after Jack Walten's disappearance, he is extremely violent, murderous and thinks that killing people in very brutal and barbaric ways, while also stuffing them inside the other animatronics will "make them beautiful".

Company Introductory Tape

Tape #1

Bon makes his debut in the first tape, as the logo for Bon’s Burgers. He then appears amongst a group of grey figures, wearing a sunny yellow hardhat on. He is then seen in the restaurant as the backup voices for “The Sun Has Got His Hat On” and “How Much is that Doggie in the Window,” and is the main singer for “Old Macdonald Had a Farm.” We are then introduced to a cartoon mascot version of him, Little Bon, who is pictured in a BSI ID photo under the role Facility Caretaker, and can be seen doing the tasks that being a Facility Caretaker entails, such as cleaning, robot maintenance and repair, and learning how to use the technology BSI uses. At the end, Little Bon smiles and gives a thumbs up for the new employees.

Tape #2

In “Little Bon’s Neighborhood,” Little Bon lives in a small, simple yellow house with the address of Brighton 27. In the new day, Little Bon is excited as he invited all of his friends over for a movie night and sleepover. The people he invited are Sha, Boozoo, and Billy. The list is repeated, but Billy is replaced by an image of Jack Walten, and Little Bon’s eyes are blackened out. He greets all of his house guests and begins the movie night. He has spent his money on a "really funny movie," a home video VHS tape that bears the same image of Jack as before. He and his friends seem to have a lot of fun, though the only section of the movie that is shown is the words “Let me out of here.” There is also a plush of Bon next to the TV. That night, Little Bon is the last one shown asleep, positioned right next to Sha. However, he is woken up by weird suspicious noises coming from the kitchen. He goes to investigate, and sees the TV displaying a missing poster for a “Jack Walten,” who has been missing since June 11th of 1974, seventeen days before the opening of Bon's Burgers. He watches it for a few moments, then looks down to see a lighter, which he picks up and tries to light. Upon successfully lighting it, however, his cartoonish form is replaced by that of Sophie Walten, and Bon the animatronic is right behind her.

Tape #3

Bon is deep within the K-9 Facility, standing upright, when he is met by Brian Stells, who comments on the foul odor in that part of the building. Brian states that Bon has seen better days and that he will run a diagnostics check on the animatronic. Brian begins with the head and mouth, which work fine. Then, the right arm, which works as well. However, when tasked with the left arm, Bon hesitates, as his left arm is somewhat broken. The animatronic then lunges towards the screen, paired with a white backdrop and no eyes. Humanoid eyes appear in his empty sockets and something black spills out of them. He chases a wounded Brian into the forest, believing he was Sophie Walten. Brian shines a light on the bloodied Bon, who murders him and tries to reshape his face to make it look like Sophie's, which ends up as a destroyed mess.

Relocate Project

Tape #1

Little Bon reappears as the head mascot, wearing a hard hat and wielding a hammer. He then waves at the audience as the Bunny Smiles logo appears. As explained, with the paperwork the company had to complete, he is then seen as filing said paperwork, and shows various files, most importantly The Relocate Project. Little Bon leans on the desk Felix is working at as the project is presented. When wanting to greet the new employees, his modern and rotted version is shown to wave at the audience, though his eyes are missing. He is then shown throughout the rest of the explanation of the Relocate Project, including the various business opportunities for the company and what Felix Kranken has hoped for the project plans, in which Bon and the rest of the Showstoppers would be reprogrammed and redesigned for a future installment of Bon’s Burgers, which was planned to be opened in 1982.

Tape #3

Skipping the Reprogramming Phase, Bon returns in the series of images leading up to the Technical Support video, which includes the box art for the Bunnyfarm cabinet. He acts again as the stand-in for a typical BSI employee, wearing the uniform’s hat. He expresses himself as excited and nervous to begin working, and demonstrates what items are needed for the K-9 Storage Facility. Stored within his yellow backpack are a flashlight, snacks, a key, and a video camera. However, when the camera is stored, he turns to face the viewer, his eye color changing from green to black as Jack pops out of the backpack. He isn’t seen again until Sha enters the main hall, depicted in the second door that houses various merchandise and prizes from the previous location. In Sha’s reversed message, it states that Rosemary, Jack Walten’s wife, used to visit Bon’s Burgers every day, asking for any semblance of information for Jack due to his disappearance. However, a voice called her by “Rosie” and told her that they knew where Jack was and to follow the voice. His animatronic form is shown alongside Sha in both the official picture and in the basement, where he lies right beside Sha. He appears finally when Rosemary enters the backstage like the voice told her to, he greets her instead of her husband. She claims that she is broken and he will fix her and make her beautiful. He proceeds to brutally murder her and place her remains in Sha, to which the Shadow Man (possibly Felix or maybe even Sophie) walks in on the event, his form covered in blood and gore.

Tape #4

He is referenced by Ashley as the restaurant closed down due to his murder of Rosemary, as the neighbors heard Rose’s screams. He was also mentioned to not appear in the last day of Bon’s Burgers being open, as well as any of the Showstoppers for that matter. Hilary sees the remains of the animatronic version and mentions that she probably can’t add the Blink and Eyes features because of the fact that his eyes sockets are heavily damaged, as if someone intentionally damaged him. Ashley remarks that the holes were probably made by Cyberfun Tech, who revised them due to possible “irregularities,” and that these were to extract the endoskeleton.

Later in the night, when Ashley explores in the hopes that she can find parts to fix the project, he trails behind her and discovers her in the last room, and causes her to drop the flashlight once the list ends on Billy’s tape. He then stands and attacks her once the light returns, killing her gruesomely and stuffing her inside Billy. This is shown later when either him or Billy removes the mask to reveal her face, bloodied and missing eyes.

The Mysterious House

Bon arrives as one of the inhabitants of the small mysterious house labeled with the address 32. He is known as the Pumpkin Rabbit, introduced after Billy and The Box Animatronic, which makes the music cut out. When Tammy tells of their intentions, he offers them plenty of candy, and TVA takes a picture of him with the both of them. He apologizes, and states that they like taking pictures with every guest that comes to their house on Halloween, so that he’ll never forget them. He offers them to take a look, and he shows his pictures, which includes many guest but most importantly Johnny Bear, who has been missing for a year. However, when Tammy and Duckie state that they should leave, he offers the idea that the two should stay for the night, and it is a great idea, despite what Duckie fears.

Later that night, when Tammy goes to investigate where Duckie went, he entraps her when she discovers Duckie’s corpse, along with all of the corpses of the trick-or-treaters that visited his house, especially Johnny Bear. He asks what she’s doing there, and calls her a “naughty child” for wandering around in the middle of the night at a stranger’s house. He decides that he’ll have to punish her for her misbehavior, but he tells her not to worry, as she won’t feel a thing and she’ll get to be with them. He tries to reach for her, but she resists. He then takes off his mask to reveal a decayed, smiling face, which leads him to lunge for her and before she could ask what he’s done, he kills her and proudly displays her corpse, which has her face carved out just like a pumpkin.

Boozoo’s Ghosts

Bon appears as Mortality, the version of the Ghost of Christmas Future and the last ghost to visit Boozoo. He arrives in a small windup form, which is then picked up by Boozoo and appears behind him, which frightens him. Despite Boozoo’s pleads, he takes delight in his sorrows, and states that whether or not he’s ready, he, like everything else in this world, will turn into nothing. He laughs at Boozoo’s cries, stating that he has been in a constant state of running away, be it Mortality, his problems, and even himself. He rejects Boozoo’s apology, and states that they don’t have any more time to waste, as his fate awaits him. He disappears, but only for a few, as Boozoo is lulled into a false sense of security that everything is fine and he’s had a second chance at life. However, this is far from the truth, as everything in his life slowly melts into darkness, and he appears behind a window, and laughing maniacally, he rushes towards Boozoo, stating that his time is up and that the results of his ignorance and actions had brought him to this point. Mortality, wanting to taunt him more, brings a small child from the void, and not only is it just a child, but its a younger version of Boozoo, which he helps lead the way to “home.” He then grabs the younger Boozoo and causes him to rot and die, making Boozoo mortified and fearing what will happen to him. Then the sad and jolly ghosts show up and Mortality says they are here to see his demise. When Boozoo asks what Mortality will do to him, he gives him a small present, which contains Boozoo’s clock of life. The clock rings as his time his up, and kills Boozoo, then leads him to the void of the afterlife. He is last seen in the windup version in the decorated tree, alongside with a toy of a clown and toy Boozoo. His wind up toy then dances in a circle as the credits play.


  • Bon has no relation to Bonnie from the Five Nights At Freddy's series, which was confirmed by Martin in the Discord.
  • There is evidence the Bon animatronic may be controlled by the ghosts of Edd and/or Molly Walten.
  • Bon was recently revealed to be 27. However, this information does not seem to be related to the spirit that is currently possessing Bon.
  • In Boozoo’s Ghosts, certain characters resemble animatronics from the Walten Files. The Pumpkin Rabbit from the Mysterious House and Mortality from Boozoo’s Ghosts heavily resemble Bon from the canon series.
  • According to Martin, Bon would like 1990s - 2000s pop music, although he wouldn't tell others.[1]
  • Much of Bon's inspiration came from the earliest 1970s Chuck E Cheese animatronic.[2]