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Billy is an animatronic in Bon's Burgers.


Billy is a clown-like animatronic that always has a crescent smile on their face. It has a red clown wig and wear a green jumpsuit with a small yellow 'coat' over it. It is never seen performing with the others showstoppers which might be due to the fact they may have their own special attraction. It have a classic clown nose seen on them as well. In the 4th tape of the Relocate Project, it has a special tape recorder in his stomach confirmed by Ashley Parks when examining them in the backdoors before being brutally slaughtered by Bon and stuffed inside Billy.

Its cartoon version has white pupils and no visible tape recorder.

The Mysterious House

Billy has a minor appearance in The Mysterious House as it is a friend of the Witch Sheep and the Pumpkin Rabbit. It looks similar to how they look in the canon tapes but it has makeup on its face, and he's wearing a jumpsuit with purple, blue, and yellow instead of green and yellow in the canon tapes.


Not much is known about Billy's personality, but from what is seen, it has the same energetic-friendly attitude as most other characters do. It has a somewhat silly attitude, likely due to it being a clown, referring to puzzles they needed help with as "Boozoo's Ridiculously Conplex Puzzles''